The theme for April is “settle up or settle down”

March king hit me and left me lying on the ground in a blubbering mess and you?
And so from March we transition through April into 2016…
Mother Nature is also unsettled with hot days caught between arctic blasts and last night she was so out of sorts she shook us up with an earthquake.  When we feel unsettled with no real rhyme or reason we can suffer from a lack of sleep, anxiety, self doubt, irritability, anger, scattered thoughts and overwhelmed by everything and nothing – then welcome to April.

Make simple adjustments to settle things down especially where there has been resistance, challenges, conflict (especially in families)  or aggression.   Be flexible cos nothing is set in stone in April and how you feel today could change by tomorrow.

Acts of Love:

  • Take a risk if your suddenly feeling fearful about everything
  • Say YES to things that come your way cos it will help to shift your downward spiral
  • If things fall apart – embrace it rather than analyze it
  • Accept that you cannot control everything or everyone  – darn! 
  • Seek out a healing with an elder to peel away a few layers (especially towards May)
  • Don’t drown your sorrows in booze or emotional eating
  • Make a decision
  • Watch who comes into your life and who leaves
  • Your health will need your care + attention this month
  • Don’t be afraid of ending something that is no longer healthy for you
  • Book a hairdressers appt when you see the light at the end of the tunnel

Shifts and transitions are never really easy but there is some deep going on.  So be super kind to yourself as things settle up or down.   You may crave solitude or socializing just trust what you feel is right for you.

As unsettling as April is do not take your eye of your vision for 2016.  All this is in preparation for your vision to manifest.  Settle in and enjoy the ride.


Gratitude for Janice Jones, Mystic Mama, Stephen Lee + Power Path for astro info for this month