Design Your Life Retreat ~ 2016

A fabulous group of women gathered together to soak up time to rest + renew at Continental House, Hepburn Springs.

The theme was Design Your Life with intention, inspiration + clarity….

You know you don’t just arrive at a Retreat feeling fabulous.  Most women arrive feeling stressed, tense and slightly anxious (or terrified) about what may or may not happen on retreat.   It’s my job to soothe her fears, relax her body + mind and to re-invigorate her feminine spirit…..

In a woman’s daily life she rarely has time to rest and even if she did she would find a reason why she cannot do so.  But on retreat she is encouraged to slow down, to snooze if she wants to, to sleep in if that’s needed, to book a massage or four, to enjoy a leisurely shop, to indulge in delicious afternoon tea with new friends.

That’s the beauty of a retreat -a woman is given permission to devote her undivided attention to herself.  This is called ‘extreme self-care’ and women soak this up when they have the opportunity.  This is an act of self-love and it changes lives…

Each retreat has it’s own vibe and this group was ‘joyous connection’ ….  with different ages from all walks of life but somehow on retreat it all magically fits.

This year we had the divine healing hands of  Simonetta from Continental House who massaged the knots of tension away so they floated out ….

Dinner was simple and sublime with dishes that tied in with Autumn themes….and the RAW desserts were to live for!

Feminine Spirit Design Your Life Retreat           Feminine Spirit Retreat Design Your Life          Feminine Spirit Retreats Melbourne Retreats

Our host’s Veronica and Steve took us on bushwalks through Spa Country in glorious Autumn sunshine.

Design Your Life Retreat Hepburn Springs           Design Your Life REtreat Hepburn Springs          Design Your Life Retreat Hepburn Springs Retreat

This was such a lovely retreat that I actually forgot to take any photos until the last day; I was so present to the moment that the world outside ceased to exist.

On Saturday we enjoyed our yoga and afternoon yoga + relaxation classes as well as sharing simple tips for energy protection, health tips for energetically sensitive people and a few more trade secrets.

On Sunday after morning yoga we learned a new way to meditate with our Soul Colour Mandala Meditation.  Mindful colouring is an easy way to de-stress and meditate without sitting still and going crazy.

Feminine Spirit Design Your Life Retreat

It’s in the creative workshops where it all begins to come together.   During the weekend there are many ah-hah moments about what’s important to the health + wellbeing of their feminine spirit.   But in the Dream Map Workshop you can see the awareness, the knowing, the wisdom, the intuition and clarity arising…  it’s incredible to witness.

I am blessed to have shared this weekend with a group of women who were present to themselves, to me and to each other.

Design Your Life Retreat     Design Your Life Retreat Hepburn Springs    Feminine Spirit Design Your Life Retreat



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  1. Hi Michelle,
    I will have a look….
    Would love to hear more.
    Venues must have for me a space for yoga and ability to have single or twin share rooms, healthy food and last but not least nature!
    Perhaps send me an email and we can chat more..

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