Creating a sacred space

In midlife a woman comes home to herself and she begins to transform herself and her life to make it more rich and soulful.  Her home which is a very physical symbol of her soul must also undergo a transformation to reflect these changes.   When a woman devotes her attention to her home, she is in fact, caring for the needs of her soul.

Have you experienced the need to shut the door to the world and simply potter around your home?  The next time that happens, you may like to try my ritual to help you create a sacred space.

Clear the energy of your home

  • Do clean up your home on a physical level before you begin
  • Now cleanse the negative energy of each room by using a smudge stick or charcoal with frankincense/myrrh, ask that all  negative energies to be released.  Focus to areas of recent emotional outbursts, visitors, bathrooms, furniture  and even  previous owners.
  • Now seal your doors and windows for protection, by drawing a circle with a cross in its centre so that only those who respect you will enter your home.


What can you do for your home to make it like a true sanctuary for the soul?

  • Step outside and look at your home as if you have never seen it before.  What does it say about you?
  • Step into your hallway, the meeting place between two worlds, is it welcoming?
  • Go through each room noting what it needs you to do to make it a soulful sanctuary

Welcome the goddess energy into your home

  • Aphrodite invites you to create a space that delights your senses.
  • Artemis calls to you to open all the doors and windows to allow fresh air into your space and to pick some flowers or greenery from your garden.
  • Hestia reminds you to turn off technology and light a candle to welcome her into your home
  • Athena reminds you to sit and enjoy your home after you have finished

Re-discover your soul treasures

  • You don’t buy a soul treasure, it calls out to you to buy it, you may ignore it and  even leave the shop, but you will still hear it calling to you, so you return to purchase it and many years later it will still talk to your soul and bring you joy each time you gaze upon it.
  • Begin to potter around re-displaying your soul treasures, perhaps creating an alter which is a small place for the spirit to pause.
  • I have several alters in my home.  My hallway has a vintage table that holds only a silver jug from France (that called loudly for me to buy her) filled with flowers and a scented candle that was a gift, behind is a wall filled with photos capturing special moments in my life.  Each time I come home this space welcomes me home and I am able to re-focus on what is important to me.

Create a sanctuary or a secret place within you

  • Put love into your bedroom, let it nurture you with its colours and furnishings.  My bedroom is my sacred space, it speaks to that decadent sensual part of my soul, it is rich in colour and texture, filled with warm lamps, luscious candles, flowers and above all peace.   I sit each morning in my bedroom enjoying my coffee and reflecting on the day not yet explored.
  • If you have a busy home, then create a physical place or a secret place inside you.  The Russians call it poustina.  Reclaim a chair, a step, a garden seat, or a corner of a room, so even in the midst of chaos you have a space that is a sacred space.  My poustina is my futon and I sit and gaze upon my beautiful Frangipani tree, regardless of what is going on in the rest of the home.

After you have finished making your space sacred sit and enjoy its beauty, warmth and healing.  As you sit and reflect, notice how you feel, do you feel a shift of energy? do you feel lighter? do you feel more inspired?

I look forward to hearing how you felt after you did this?