Desert Awakenings ~ Red Centre Tour 2019

I called this group the Seven Sisters….   I would really love to share what magic when on in this tour.  But as the old saying goes ‘what happens on tour stays on tour’….

Uluru Spiritual Tours

Ochre Pits…
The ancestors walk softly here….



The magnificent West MacDonnell Ranges.  Or Tjoritja.  Words cannot describe the beauty of this sacred land.   So why rush the experience!  We take time to sit, breath + soak in the sacredness.  To feel into the landscape.  To reflect on what it’s message is for us.  We are on desert time now so why rush?

Desert Awakenings Tour



On this evening we journey with our Aboriginal guide + bush master chef Bob, to his land.  Sunset meditations and a 4 course bush barbie under the milky way awaits.



I am not sure if photos do Ormiston Gorge justice!  I never want to leave here.  So we sit under the gum trees and watch the world go by.



Swag time…  at Ooraminna we are quite literally under the milky way!
Nothing better than a fire, swag + stars…
WE could have spent a few days here it was soooo relaxing.
A bevvy on the patio at 5pm was just what the medicine we needed!
Delicious dinner and lots of laughter was the bomb!


Desert Awakening Tour



There is nothing like being greeted by Miss Juniper when we had a tour of Ooraminna.
Next year I am not sure she will be so petite.



Desert Awakenings Tour

Anangu Stories…


We do not power walk around Uluru.  We  walk with our soles + our souls.
I never get sick of this view.  I felt this year as if I was seeing everything for the first time.

Uluru Tours

From the spiritual heart to our hearts….    Even though the countdown was on for the end of climbing Uluru…. and the area was filled with people choosing to ignore Anangu culture we chose to be in the spiritual heart of Australia with respect.

Desert Awakening tour










My heart to yours





Wowsa!  Kata Tjuta is pure power + magic.    This was the first year I was given permission by my ancestors to walk at Kata Tjuta.  I did not take this honour for granted.


DEsert Awakings Tour
The Seven Sisters plus two…
This group was incredible.  I know that groups magically come together but this one was divinely created.  I won’t share why…but those on the tour know why.
We laughed, cried, shared, understood, got it and laughed again.  Everyone wanted to learn about Aboriginal culture and deepen their understanding.     But mostly we wanted to share… listen… laugh….  and that is medicine in itself.


Susanne + Auntie Alison
Cultural Talk..





Susanne + Jen

We cannot wait to see what magic next year brings…

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  1. Hi are you doing any tours of Uluru this year?Do you know of anyone that is please ? thanks Carol.

    1. Hello Carol…
      At this stage whilst restrictions are in place in NT I wont be. I am keeping an eye on NT and in touch with Auntie + we have decided to hit the pause button till things settle.

  2. Are you doing any tours leaving from Uluru in late April 2022. If not do you know of anyone else who is?

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