Mini Distant Healing Covid_19 shutdown

Do you feel overwhelmed, scattered, fragmented during this time of Covid_19?
I’ve created a mini distant healing for those who need to release the internal pressure valve so you can unwind into shutdown without having a meltdown!. IMG_20170419_163130

Mini Distant Healing during Covid_19 shutdown….

You will receive:

  • Reiki Healing Energy for the mind + heart
  • A gentle unwind of the nervous system + immune boost
  • Aura Sound Bath + Crown Chakra Smudge (Corona means crown in Spanish!)
  • Priority insight from your healing

The energy around Covid_19 is one of fear, anxiety + panic which negatively impacts the crown chakra and everything below it.  The crown relates to our highest self and we have completely disconnected from our inner Queen.  No wonder we feel the way we do!   

This mini distant healing will not allow the covid_19 to affect your energetic sacredness!


$60 for 30mins or $90 for 45mins  EFT
CC has paypal fee

How I work:

This will be a mini distant healing via email….
I ask for a short description of how you are feeling + how you want to feel.
After the healing I will send thru your priority insight from your healing.

If you prefer I can also speak via messenger with your insights…

How does a distant healing work:

I do the healing as if you are laying on the healing table.   You can continue on your day…
And yes you will feel a shift!

Book Now:
EFT $60 / $90

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