Sacred Beauty ~ Bali Reteat 2019

What a beautiful gentle group of women joined us for the 2019 Sacred Beauty Retreat.
It was a honour to watch them slowly unfurl and blossom.     Here are our happy snaps from our Bali Retreat.    Enjoy.
A morning of sound healing at the sublime Pyramids of Chi!    Our sound healer was a Cherokee man which took our sound healing to another level.  The power from this Shamanic Sound Healing shifted alot of old stuck energy.  We felt liberated afterwards..


Your glow team – Trudy + Susanne
This is an honour to do this work.  To see how the guests arrive often grey, dull, dried up and how they leave – glowing, happy, light + full of possibility.  We have chosen to only take small groups so we can give each guest personalized attention.

This year the group was a quiet group who seemed to come together + enjoy sitting at a cafe (with good coffee) + chatting.    So we intuitively created more opportunities for this to occur.   Women sitting and talking is ancient medicine.  And it works!     


IMG-3580  Voila! Our work is done!

Somehow each group just magically works.  Nurses, carers, creatives, healers, travellers, historians,  designers + explorers.   This group had it all.  Those who fearlessly explored exotic destinations and those who were terrified to be out of their comfort zone but came anyway.    The glue was gentleness + soft connection.  They slowly connected in their own time.  They loved being on Bali time and went with the flow without hesitation…

On our last night at our Bali Retreat as we were having dinner Agung came into perfect view.  To me it is always symbolic when Agung appears within our Bali Retreat.



No matter your age you can enjoy this Bali Retreat.   The yoga is gentle + we invite you to practice at your own level.   Our yoga is practiced in a Yoga Bale overlooking the Rice fields.
I chose this year not to take any photos of our guests practising yoga as this is a private healing time…. not a photo opportunity for social media.
We choose spa treatments that align with the theme of the Bali Retreat and they are sublime!  We dine at healthy cafes + indulge in daily coffee!    Really you cannot help but get your glow on!   And Bali just brings her own kind of magic to our work.

Bali Glow makeovers ….. every group loves their makeovers.   And we love watching the magic that happens when a make-up artiste creates a new look.   As women we look in the mirror and see all of our bad bits.  But in this life changing workshop Trudy shows you how to capture your best features.   The Bali Goddesses may have been on a shopping frenzy that morning.  But what happens on retreat…..stays on retreat!!!

20190707_152954_resized Our Mother + Daughters
It was lovely to watch their relationships change and often deepen as they see each other with ‘fresh eyes’  and beyond the mother/daughter roles .