Discover a new YOU….

Do you remember when your skin glowed and your eyes sparkled?

The Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat is designed to get your glow + sparkle back and along the way discover what makes you feel refreshed, happy + healthy.

With a renewed sense of inspiration you will return home to slip back into the life you love or create positive change for a greater work/life balance and look fabulous whilst doing it!

Feminine Spirit Bali 2016 Retreat ~“Discover a new YOU” ….

and this is what we are really really good at!

Our Bali home + our morning latte spot..

anandaimagesananda2images         2013-12

We stay at the Balinese owned Ananda Cottages offering traditional style rooms surrounded by lush gardens, rice paddies and the hotel has two pools.

Susanne creates the foundation for change to happen in the yoga bale 

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Susanne’s yoga is gentle, yet profoundly deep, exploring the physical, mental, emotional + spiritual layers.  Each class includes reiki to cleanse your energetics and to lighten + brighten YOU.   Susanne includes insight cards, inspirational music, aromatherapy, flower essence, chakra healing with moments of self inquiry.

This retreat is not for hard core yoga junkies; we don’t do hard core anything in fact we don’t believe in anything in the extreme – except pampering and relaxation!

Workshops/Funshops/Learning/Wisdom Shared

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We share our knowledge + wisdom in a lighthearted, interactive + informative way about lifestyle, eco-beauty, healthy eating + living.  What you learn will be easy to implement into your daily life for greater health, happiness + beauty.

Spa out

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As a massage therapist + intuitive healer Susanne has personally created a spa programme that will bliss you out!  Our spas are set in the rice paddies, tropical forest and use products fresh from the garden.  Are you drooling yet?   

Ubud is a healthy cafe mecca

Femininespiritbaliretreat_coconuthydration    balireweb_32     cafe latte bliss     Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat 15      Feminine Spirit Bali 20     Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat 10

On retreat we invite you to enjoy healthy eating offering your body a gentle detox.  It’s so easy in Ubud to give up emotional eating + food addictions; because there is so much delish food on offer + you are away from your triggers.

Our philosophy is that a woman blossoms through body + soul nourishment!

Bali Glow Makeovers ~ introducing the 2016 Bali Goddesses…

Femininespiritbaliretreat33     Femininespiritbaliretreat32     Femininespiritbaliretreat31     Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat 31     Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat 30     Feminine spirit bali retreat 29    Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat 28     Femininespiritbaliretreat34     femininespiritbaliretreat35                  Feminine spirit bali retreat 26

An afternoon of makeup tips by celebrity hair + makeup artiste.  Revamp your look and learn how to highlight your features – not hide your flaws!  Regardless of whether your a make-up devotee or prefer au naturale you will love this workshop.

I love watching the awakening of the Bali Goddesses…

Are you loving what we offer on this retreat?

We would love to share our passion for retreats, beauty, spa and Bali with you in 2016 so that you can Discover a new YOU (a healthier, happier + more fabulous version)

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We are now taking bookings…
Get in before it books out; we would be really sad if you missed out.

Got a question?  Shoot me an email or call Susanne (03) 39373015

We look forward to seeing you in Bali…
Susanne and Trudy…

2 thoughts on “Discover a new YOU….

  1. Hi there, what month or dates in 2016 is your Bali retreat and how many days is it for?
    Cost & what does it include?
    Thank you x

    1. Hi Sharon 2016 dates are 16th-23rd July 7 nights
      $2080 twin (Early Bird Price)
      7 nights accom + breakfast
      Daily Yoga + relaxation in an outdoor bale overlooking the rice fields
      Workshops for health, lifestyle, beauty + destiny
      1 Pedicure
      1 1hr Balinese Massage in spa set amongst the rice fields
      1 2hr RAW Beauty Facial + Workshop at spa set in tropical forest
      1 2.5hr Ayurvedic massage + blessing
      Welcome dinner, lunch at cafe in rice fields, farewell brunch,
      The services of Susanne + Trudy….

      Early Bird $100 off the price until 16.1.2016

      The theme is “Discover a new you” and everything is designed for this to happen…..
      We are super passionate about helping women to re-discover their inner beauty + outer radiance.

      Here is the link to the webpage…We only take small groups so if your super keen it would be best to secure your space.

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