Gut stress…..

I have been steadily working to improve my digestion since last year only to discover that it’s gotten worse not better.  But I also know that this is often what happens in the healing process. 
When I am in Bali I always visit a medicine woman who asked me ‘what the hell is happening with your gut’…..have you had extreme stress just recently?  Yes; I had just the week before leaving for Bali and even though I felt I was dealing with it; my gut wasn’t.

She recommended taking 1 tablespoon of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup of warm water before each meal to reduce gut inflammation and to improve my digestion and regular colonics to clear out the waste…..ugh!

I guess we can all put our heads in the sand about our health but when you get a wake up call like I did; well you need to listen.  But it is a choice – you don’t have too but you will suffer health issues along the way.

Many of us already start our day with lemon on an empty stomach to kick start the digestive juice, to enliven the senses,  prepare the stomach, liver and pancreas for the day ahead and to cleanse  the bowel by helping to flush out yesterdays crap (basically).

So; if you have anxiety, depression, inflammation, anger issues, high emotional stress, post traumatic stress, abusive background, panic attacks, power issues, heart problems and throat issues you may well find some help with this ancient remedy.  Why? because all of these issues will have an affect on your gut.  This is your nerve centre and it will be suffering if you have been ‘suffering’.

We know what stress does to us; but we ignore what it does to our digestion or perhaps you just are not aware that it even affects your gut….except for those little issues you have with bloating, nausea, pain and heartburn etc….   that’s not a happy gut!
We think we just need to cut out some food and the digestion will improve and yes it will help but you also need to look honestly at what is causing your stress from the past, present + future – or should I say….who is causing your stress!

Digestion links to your nervous system and if you live in fight and flight or freeze then your digestion maybe permanently shut down as mine had done – massive mal-absorption – so it didn’t matter how good my diet was nothing was being absorbed! 

I have a loved one who keeps saying she feels sick when she eats and this is caused from stress in the stomach but she is happy to just keep going and suffer.
When your colon is stressed you may experience constipation and if you aren’t emptying the rubbish bin of your body every day then there is an issue there.  If you need a coffee to empty that bin then there is a blockage that needs to be cleared.

So; when you are looking to improve your health – look no further than your digestive system and learn to love taking care of it and yes it may mean you need to give up some of your favourite foods but isn’t better health worth it?