Dive deep to soar high

21st November 2015  10-12pm
A morning of deep spiritual healing to re-align, re-ignite + re-birth your feminine spirit into a new rhythm.       
November is the month of transformation and is THE most powerful month of the year so it’s THE time to dive deep so you can soar high!

Light your inner flame with an eclectic fusion of feminine yoga, relaxation, reiki,  chakra balance, card readings, aromatherapy, flower essence and luna water.

Chanting quietens the mind, brings you into the moment, calls your soul home – bliss..

The balance of masculine (didgeridoo) and feminine (crystal bowl) will be restored and until these two energies are in harmony – you won’t be!

Time stops and your inner processes slow down as you become more present to your body, your breath and to the moment.

Embrace the masculine energy with the power vibration of the didgeridoo vibrating  deep into the bones, cleansing from core to surface as it restores the sounds of silence within.

anchor your wandering spirit ~ connect to this great southern land ~ come home to your true self ~ be still + hear the whispers of your soul.

Step back into your life + live it your way!

Saturday 21st November 10-12pm
Kindred Studios
Harris Street Yarraville (opposite Yarraville Gardens) + cnr of Whitehall St



EFT ~ Susanne Calman BSB 063-179 1047  7735  $45.00
CC   ~ Click here  2.5% fee is charged                         $46.00

Bookings Essential ~ full payment is required prior to workshop


Looking forward to seeing you there!
Susanne + Mark (didgeridoo, bush man, wood carver + sound healer)

Photo courtesy of NewMoonVisions.com