The theme for November is “under pressure”

As a Scorpio I am so happy that finally you all get to be as intense as me for one month anyways and that my dear  is the energy of November… intense pressure!   Yay…
It’s a good time to remember that 2015 is the year of the artisan; so if life has become blah and know what needs to change then take a small step if not a giant leap towards the next step in your evolution.  If your stalling then that is why you feel the way you do!

Do you feel like you know something is changing for you but you don’t quite know what it is and your trusting that all present at the right time?  This is spot on so use the intense pressure of November to help you create the next step, another and another…

It will be invaluable this month to keep releasing the pressure valve and perhaps not put any additional pressure on yourself for the whole of the month if that’s possible.

Spend time updating your vision board by committing to having a big BIG BIGGER vision of self + life.  I spent yesterday re-jigging mine with the use of new words, mandalas + imagery and I am blown away with what showed up as now I have clarity + understanding for where I am at at the moment + what my next step needs to be.


  • Book a massage to release the pressure valve in your neck + shoulders
  • Don’t hang out with peeps who annoy the hell out of you
  • Do more physical activity to release internal pressure
  • Take a step towards your evolution no matter how freakin scary it is
  • Gently ease your comfort zones a little further out or kick them way out
  • Complete a project to create mental space for something new
  • Begin a project after you have completed the other one
  • Create a weekly intention + write it in your diary thru November
  • Be cool with the term “I don’t know”
  • Listen to your intuition + notice ideas that float in (write them down)
  • Do something new, take a risk or as Nike say’s “Just do it”

If you are ready to do something different and resistance has surfaced with a dash of fear and a dollop of doubt which tells you immediately that this is the very  thing you must do!

If you are still resisting – book in for a healing with me… cos you know what..
I am moving through my resistance with my next stage of my evolution so I know where you are coming from.  Let’s clear this and move on…


Gratitude for Power Path for info and to for image
I have read the info + then I intuit what you need for the month ahead.  So this will speak directly to your heart + mind.