Natural Beauty ~ The eyes have it…

They say you can tell everything about a person by their eyes.  When you really look you can see the true state of a person’s health + happiness in their eyes.

I know that my eyes are true indicators of how my body + mind are.  When my eyes are bright I will generally feel healthy + vital.  If I have too many Cafe au Lait et  Croissant au Almonde then my eyes will feel heavy + tired within an hour of indulging.  When I don’t sleep well my eyes feel puffy and dull which indicates a disturbance in the body/mind and perhaps a need to detox .

This picture taken by National Geographic is mesmerizing because of her eyes….they tell a story don’t they?  I feel her completely – I do not need to be told her story because I feel it!

Can you remember when you first fell in love with your partner how your eyes sparkled? Yep that might have been a lifetime ago but your eyes were reflecting what you were feeling emotionally at the time.  Everything is linked….always!

The eyes relate to the nervous system, liver + the soul… you can see now why it’s so important to eat foods that feed your body + nourish your soul and to live a life that you love looking at.

Emotions such as frustration, anger, resentment suppress the liver and in turn cause eye issues and you may also experience tiredness, bloating, headaches, bad breath, fatigue, stress, indecisiveness, stagnation, inability to think clearly, to carry out tasks/finalize plans + no vision for the future, grumpiness, impatient, depressed, feeling toxic, rigidness, moodiness, irritability, negative and judgemental….. Yay!

If you endure bags under the eyes then your body is screaming ‘please book a lymphatic drainage massage…NOW

Facials sure do help reduce fine lines around the eyes but these are also are an indication of a build up of nervous tension, emotional toxins and stress.  The Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat is the perfect combination to promote sparkly eyes + glowing skin with the perfect trio of facials, relaxation of body, mind + nervous system and a gentle detox.

Pamper your Peepers:

  • Remove your eye makeup with coconut oil
  • Use organic beauty + hair products
  • Eat a well balanced diet – especially at night nothing heavy or clogging
  • Add Celtic Sea Salt to your diet for mineral nourishment
  • Boost any shortfall with vitamin supplements
  • Increase living food + decrease animal products
  • To soothe tired computer eyes by splashing the eyes with cool water
  • Evening Primrose Oil can often help tired dry eyes
  • Eyebags help the eyes to relax (they are the last part of the body to let go)
  • Practice guided relaxation to support the nervous system
  • Guided meditation to clear the mind + 3rd eye chakra
  • Turn off overhead lighting at night to soothe the eyes
  • Don’t read your phone or emails at night in bad light
  • Make a compress with an organic Chamomile or Fennel tea bag
  • Cucumber slices over the eyes will cool heated eyes
  • Place cucumber peelings under the eyes also to tighten skin
  • Gently massage your eyes + eyebrows at night ~ this will relax your entire being so off to bed if you start yawning … need it!

Yoga practices for eye health:

Palming will do wonders…Rub your palms together until they feel warm and place them over the eyes.  Imagine the energy from your hands being absorbed by the eyes .  Gently move the eyes in different directions to relax the eye muscles which in turn affects the nervous system.

Nature soothes the nervous system + it’s one of the reasons I love Pop Up Yoga so much is that nature supports the work I do.  Instead of being in our pose with closed eyes to feel I often ask the gals to open their eyes to really ‘see’ the trees, grass, birds, blue sky, clouds +  sun which we are usually to busy to see. 

Strike a Pose in yoga and your eyes will usually be focused or closed – so next time your at class try this….keep your head still but move your eyes slowly around.  You could draw a square, oval, clock, figure 8 on it’s side, scrunch them up + open them wide…’s a very simple way to relax the eyes + nervous system which makes you feel – better!

Look with love at everything and everyone in your life this will instantly soften the eyes and soothe the nervous system.  Have things around you in your home that when you look at them it makes your heart happy (this is called…. a soul object).  Watch movies or read things that lift your spirit.

Finally create a life that you love to look at…