Retreat eats….

A Feminine Spirit Retreat is a major revamp of body + soul; whether you choose to retreat for a weekend or week you will find yourself slowing down.      
In your everyday life creating a nourishing menu for the week ahead, shopping within your budget, preparing and serving it with like a Master Chef whilst multi-tasking daily chores  before finally sitting (or more often standing or on the run) said meal with little joy or enthusiasm.

Everyone is so focused on what they are eating but take no notice of how they are eating + making this change can create the shifts so desperately needed for greater health.  

At the Amarant Retreat we have our own gourmet chef who works alongside me to create a menu to support the theme of the retreat “Transform Your Life” and this will be done gently one meal at a time with a menu that must inspire, intrigue and educate my guests.


  • Discover how food is your medicine for your own health + healing
  • Enjoy a delicious meal without lifting a finger – bliss really!
  • Fresh ingredients to heighten taste sensations
  • You will actually ‘taste’ your food – perhaps for the very first time
  • No distractions mean you are aware of what you are eating + how you are eating 
  • No processed foods lightens + brightens your spirit + awakens your intution
  • Organic living food has a high vibe + you will feel the difference within 24hrs 
  • You will want to create dishes that feed your body + soul when you get home
  • Because you have felt the shift you will understand that food can be your medicine
  • You will be aware of how to detox without deprivation for greater health + happiness
  • Filled with vitality from eating an abundance of healthy food
  • You will feel so good that you wont want to go back to your old ways of eating + being
  • Savour + enjoy your food and you will eat slowly
  • Say au revoir to guilt + bonjour to pleasure
  • No technology to tune out means you tune in to YOU
  • Sharing a meal with uplifting conversation or silence enhances the benefits

At the Amarant Retreat you will re-discover one of life’s simple pleasures  ~ mindful eating to feed your body + nourish your soul so that any changes will feel more like a journey of discovery than a diet of restriction.

If you are ready to learn new ways of living + being whether it’s at the dining table, in the kitchen, on the yoga mat or in daily life ~ this retreat will support you embracing change for greater health + happiness.

Are you ready to discover more – pop over to the retreat page cos I think you will love what you will experience + receive on this incredible weekend retreat.

Amarant Retreat is designed for women who want to take a sabbatical from their life, to celebrate a new beginning, make changes for health or just want to be pampered.

You have nothing to loose except some old stagnant energy that’s been hanging around for way to long!