The theme for October is “Breathe, Beauty, Balance”

October hints gently that it’s time now to re-align body + soul and the inner + outer  you after being pulled apart, tested, challenged and whatever else September did for you.
Have you been struggling and pushing to get things happening?  Forcing things to happen won’t make them happen any quicker or easier.   If you have felt scattered and unable to finish any tasks with ease – hit the pause button….things will flow in divine timing.
And don’t roll your eyes when I say that – I have to trust this and so do you!

It feels like we are re-born after the powerhouse of September and we are toddlers learning how to walk – so yes you may feel unsteady + unsure so baby steps are just fine …

Are you over-committed with too many things on your to-do-list? Take a few off and do the important stuff and then add a few things in that nourish your feminine spirit and see if that helps you!

If you can’t decide what needs to be done or ignored – simply ask:
Will this action bring me peace?  Will this action create a more balanced life?
Only you know the answer…
It doesn’t need to be big things and they don’t need to cost the earth either!

Acts of Divine Love for October:

  • Give up trying to know the answers to everything for everyone
  • Do less + Be more
  • Go to bed earlier and breath in and blow the breath + the day away
  • Before you drift off to sleep – find one thing from your day you are grateful for
  • Light a candle at night and turn off overhead lighting
  • Switch off technology ~ it creates havoc with your nervous system
  • Check in with ‘why’ you need to do something that stresses you out
  • Watch life around you ~ it’s better than any reality TV show
  • Stop and smell the roses on your walk ~ literally
  • Re-affirm your faith in ‘divine timing’
  • Be super cool with baby steps and celebrate the journey
  • Stay present by focusing on your body + breath ~ only the mind is elsewhere
  • Relationship issues will surface so that balance can be restored
  • Tidy up loose ends from your to-do-list before adding anything new to it
  • Visit the museum and soak up the beauty and creativity
  • Add beautiful flowers to your home + notice the colours that you choose
  • Stop worrying cos everything will work out just fine….TRUST
  • Invest in yourself by coming on a Feminine Spirit Retreat

If you have been all choked up with hayfever pop some Eucalyptus Oil onto a tissue/or your pillow.  If you have been feeling overwhelmed with your responsibilities in your life this is the perfect oil for you to restore clear thinking processes.

If things have been tough it’s ok to step back and take a mental health day….that is what they were created for 🙂

October is the month of balance, creating more beauty in your life, breathing in spring air, aligning body + mind, heart + soul, to re-discover what stirs your passion, excitement, what makes you feel alive with happiness.    So go out my dear woman and do this for you….

Your breath is the key to shifting + restoring your energy.

INHALE: Feel where the breath touches your body, listen to the sound of it
EXHALE: Let go, surrender, be….and smile

If you were truly balanced how different would your world be?  So why would you do anything to diminish that?

Gratitude to Susan Morrow, Elizabeth Peru, Power Path, Living Now and Anne Stewart for insights for October…