Do you want to look good in photos?

As I got older I began to hate the way I looked in photos ~ are you the same?
Today I am sharing tips from Trudy Joyce, a celebrity hair + makeup artiste, yoga teacher, soul sista + co-host of the Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat on how to ‘strike a pose’One of the highlights of our Bali Retreat is the Goddess Day where the gals indulge in a Bali Glow Makeover with Trudy + a photo shoot with yours truly + here is what I have learned.  Make sure you keep reading to the bottom for our numero uno tip…

How to ‘strike a pose’

  • It can take 500 photos to get the ‘perfect shot’ for a mag cover ~ so be nice to YOU.
  • Do you know which is your photogenic side?  ~ discover yours!
  • Check out the way celebrities pose ~ what do you notice?
  • Think of something/someone that makes your heart happy
  • Never be afraid to say ‘delete’ if it is not a shot you are 100% happy with


  • Imagine your head is filled with helium to lengthen + open your energetics
  • Spruce your hair up + add lippy
  • Gentle angle your body away + turn your head towards the camera
  • Bring a slight arch to the back to lift the chest + improve your posture.
  • Pop your hand (closest to the camera) on your hip to give a better line to the arm (a godsend for those of us with fuller arms + breasts)
  • Softly bend a knee (see what which side feels right)
  • If you have to face the camera try turning the head + tilting (not tucking) the chin.


  • A quick moment to fluff your hair up + a lick of lippy
  • Lift crown to the sky + lengthen your spine (way too easy to slouch)
  • Gently angle your body + head if possible
  • If at a dining table use it as a prop to rest a bent arm or elbow onto the table + you could bring hand under chin
  • If on a couch sit forward + angle (not sunk back into it)

Business photos

  • Invest in a photographer with good lighting
  • Wear something light + not too busy
  • Get your make-up + hair done to look + feel pro-fresh
  • You prefer au naturel ~ at least try for lashes + lippy
  • Ask a friend to ‘spot you’ so you can focus on feeling good in front of the camera + they can focus on you looking good by fixing hair + clothes that go astray.
    (I once did an entire yoga photo shoot with a freakin wedgie + wasted so many pix)

Don’t let all that glam go to waste – book in a lunch or/and dinner date!
Don’t wash your eye make up off + to keep lashes on keep hair dry + sleep on your back.


Ask the photographer to lift the camera higher than your eye level so that you are looking up to the camera.
Road test this by taking a ‘selfie’ looking down to the camera vs one where you look up to the camera ~ what do you notice?  NO WRINKLES OR DOUBLE CHINS!!! 

Ladies, you must tell every gal at every photo opp ~ they will love you for it!

Go and ‘strike a pose’ my lovely…


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