Weekly Inspiration ~ 18th – 24th August

Does it feel like ‘groundhog day’ to you?  Or do are you bursting at the seems with new energy?

This is a great week to remind yourself to let go of judgements, analyzing + being overly sensitive because all is not what it seems this week!  Stay open on all levels…

With Spring just around the corner add a new cleansing practice into your daily routine.  Click on the links to read more ~ Coconut Oil Pulling  or Swish before you Swallow

If you are feeling stuck physically or in life give yourself a morning free of food ( If you ain’t done de business in de morning don’t be putting more in until you let some out)!
Begin your day with:
1 litre of filtered water (space it out so it feels comfortable) + 1 litre of lemon water
+ fresh organic juices…Don’t skimp on how what or how much you drink!  

Use the first half of the week to:

  • Make a do-able list of everything that is outstanding + start NOW!  If you want something new in your life then this is a must do!  

Use the second half of the week to:

  • If you are still floundering around ~ stay with it and see what pops up.
  • If it has shifted and you are on fire + taking giant leaps in life ~ celebrate it.
  • If it is a time of endings ~ do it gracefully + with gratitude.

Give yourself MORE of what you need + do it with compassion + kindness…
Do you know what you need?  If you don’t use this week to get in touch with YOUR needs…


Comment below on what YOU need this week…what would help you!
Share this if you lurved it!

PS info this week is from Living Now, Power Path + a few divinely guided girlfriends…
I gather the info through the month, meditate + intuit on what YOU need to hear for this week…