Weekly Inspirations ~ 11th – 17th August

After the power of the build up to the Super Moon + some of us may now be experiencing some  serious supermoonitis that may have us feeling totally out of balance ~ or totally balanced!  So this week you may feel fantastique or tres shabby and both will be right.

August is so YANG that for the more creative feminine types it can throw you off centre and out of your comfort zone.
But you know what it is OK because this is the perfect week to be in that space of feeling shabby, unfocused, undisciplined or wanting extra time to chill out because often that ‘out of balance’ kinda feeling is when your best creative ideas and inspiration arise.

So, however, you are feeling this week it just ALLOW IT without attempting to ‘fix it’

NO to-do-list for you this week except to

*    UNschedule your overscheduled diary for the week + see what pops up
*    Keep an eye out for signposts from the universe
*    Don’t allow another to crowd your unscheduled time

Leave a comment below on how it feels to schedule in free time in your diary for a whole week?  Scary, freeing, exciting or terrifying?

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