I’ve tried em all, but these are the sleep techniques that worked for me….

Do you live a busy life and yet function with little or no sleep?
I hear you sister because I was the same for years and I look back and wonder how the hell I did anything.  I want to share my own tips with you which are not from a textbook.

1.   Become aware…

Notice when your sleep issue begins + what’s happening in your life at that time and is there a link?

I noticed that sleep would evade me as soon as I made a decision to up-level  my life or business + after a few nights sleepless nights I would be too stuffed to change anything until I became aware that this was my sneaky way of sabotaging myself.

Try this:    Ask yourself “who would I be if I slept well + awoke feeling refreshed”? + listen to the answer that comes cos it may give you insight as to what could be an underlying factor.

2.    I believe that sleep relates to feeling safe + the emotional heart….

Sleep is a time of vulnerability and not everyone feels safe enough to let go + surrender to sleep, life or love.   Some women are always on alert even when they are relaxing + this  may stem from stresses in their past playing out in life today.

Try this:    If you are in a relationship + have a spare room  do you ever sneak in there and fall asleep quickly + easily?  If yes; there could there be unresolved issues within the relationship? Some may be single or in a happy relationship but may carry emotional pain in their hearts + minds that stops them for feeling safe enough to trust + surrender.

3.    Potions + Rituals

Your sleepy-time ritual begins at 5-6pm or when you arrive home from work.

  • 1st dose of your herbal sleep tonic @ 5-6pm to signal its time to unwind
  • 2nd dose @ 8pm to quieten your energy
  • 3rd dose @ 9.30 or prior to bed to basically knock you out!

It may seem like overkill but it worked for me!  I loved Greenridges “EverCalm” Range  “anxiety + nerves”or “stress + fatigue.”  I had 1tsp @ a time to unwind + relax me gently.
I loved Martin + Pleasance “Menopause Harmony Blend” 1 or 2 tablets @ 7pm +/or 9pm

  • No watching violent shows + turn off technology 1hr prior to bed
  • Whilst watching TV massage your feet with particular attention to your tooties
  • Run a bath before 8pm to wallow + snooze in until the water cools + go to bed

4.   Cant get to sleep or wake at the same time every night

It could be an organ meridian that is out of balance + by massaging these areas you will restore energy flow.

9-11pm  ~  Triple Warmer ~  Massage hands, ears, around the eyes
11-1am  ~   Gall Bladder ~ Massage toes, eyes, ears + behind the calves
1-3am    ~    Liver ~  Tap + draw anti-clockwise circle over the crown  + massage  toes + feet
3-5am    ~    Lung ~ As above + massage thumbs, wrists + inner arm
5-7am    ~    Large Intestine ~ Massage index finger + wrists

5.    Things to buy + Treatments to Try + Practices I swear by

Mandala Guided Relaxations ~ 1hr of relaxation is worth 4 hours of sleep ~ enough said!
Acupuncture ~ great if you wake up at the same time every night
Kinesiology ~ clears stress from body + mind whilst restoring balance
Energy Healing ~ restores  your energetics + offers insight to support you
Reflexology ~ relaxes the body + soothes the mind

Don’t make the common mistake of trying something once or twice and giving up; when you are trying something natural – it takes time + commitment.  There is a reason that you are experiencing sleep issues – you just need to peel the layers away + discover what it is.

Read through + try one thing!  You have nothing to loose and everything to gain!

Leave a comment below about what sleep remedies worked for you?
You never know what you share may help another damsel in distress!