Weekly Inspirations ~ 25th-31st August

It is a powerful time of endings and for some it maybe the end of a cycle + for others it may be letting go of tightly held emotions such as anger or guilt and for others it will be the releasing of loss or betrayal.

As humans we fight so hard to hang on and then we fight equally hard to let go…. we make it pretty hard on ourselves don’t we?

I don’t know about you but I am so ready to let go of stuff + I am inviting you to join me in using the POWER of this week to END IT just do what you need to do with kindness,  respect, honour + awareness (Ahimsa).

Just a gentle reminder that the August’s theme was FOCUS + BOUNDARIES and this maybe still playing out for you even as the month draws to a close (it is for me!)

This is a great week to:

  • Enjoy a cleanse (water, lemon water + juice)
  • Clean out your wardrobe
  • Allow solitude so you can hear the truth + know the solutions
  • Not fill the spaces of your life, mind, heart or home with something new
  • Book an energy healing to clear karma + mama issues (oh yay)
  • Say “yes or no” confidently and don’t take other people’s “no” personally
  • Chant OM to restore FOCUS
  • Forget multi-tasking + FOCUS doing one thing at a time
  • Embrace change (within or in your world)
  • Set BOUNDARIES against that which seeks to distract you from your path
  • Balance being busy with doing nothing at all
  • Take responsibility for your health + life

For those of you who are taking leaps of faith in life, love + destiny – give thanks for how far you have come + look to your horizon with passion + purpose cos it’s a waiting for you!

Comment below on what you are ready to say goodbye to and how it feels to be a clean slate for something new + better.
You never know your comments could inspire another woman to take a leap of faith.

X Susanne

Original material by S Morrow, Power Path, Tosha Silver, Raw for Beauty