Self~Care for Fertility Workshop in Melbourne

Susanne Calman specialist fertility yoga teacher + intuitive healer invites you to an inspiring workshop to share her practical and spiritual wisdom concerning fertility. 
Susanne will draw upon her rich spiritual toolbox and her intuition to create a personalized workshop that will give you exactly what you need!

What you learn will enrich and empower
What you experience will restore your confidence, clarity and trust
What you will discover will be your joie de vi~vre!

You will love this workshop if:

  • You are interested in creating greater health and wellbeing
  • You want to feel more empowered with your fertiity
  • You are time poor and want something to help make simple and positive changes to life
  • You are ready to look behond the physical, to the mental, emotional and spiritual factors concerning your fertility
  • You need guidance to start to trust your bodies wisdom and your feminine intuition
  • If your relationship and life has been neglected and you need to start to refocus your mind

Saturday 29th June 2013
@ Williamstown (TBA upon booking)
10.00am ~ 1pm  ~ 5 spaces available only
Packages available to suit your individual needs
$90 includes take home notes, inspiration, motivation, support + delicious nibbles

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Susanne Calman’s wise woman wisdom will guide and inspire you!

“I just wanted to let you know that I have thoroughly loved every minute of our workshop.
I really needed to hear your words of wisdom and whilst I didnt know the other ladies, I felt better for being amongst them”