Unexplained Infertility ~ explained….

Susanne Calman is a Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Healer in Melbourne who specializes in Fertility Wellness.

I wanted to blog about what I ‘see’ and ‘feel’ as an intuitive healer/teacher with ‘unexplained infertility’.
It is soul destroying, dissolves confidence, dashes hope, makes the woman feel powerless and out of control.  She drifts along the fertility journey not quite sure what or who to try next.

An intuitive healing for fertility can help to clear the unseen energetic blockages that may exist physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  These blockages might not be able to be seen, but they sure can be felt! You dont need to be on the fertility journey to have these blocks going on; we all have stuff buried deep down within.  But with unexplained infertility you can feel very alone; there is no obvious answer to your long list of questions.

So what might someone experience if she is energetically blocked in an area or areas of her being.

  • She may feel ‘not quite herself
  • depressed
  • low energy
  • powerless
  • unexplained aches and pains
  • feeling lost and not sure why or how this is happening
  • life feels stagnant

The key areas of life that I look  at unexplained infertility are:

  • Menstrual cycle problems i.e. PMT and general health
  • Previous loss through miscarriage / termination
  • Worries of the future with finances, childcare, housing etc
  • Family stories with fertility, immigration, adoption, termination, marital break ups, death of loved one, elderly parents and health issues
  • Relationship issues that have been swept under the rug since the focus has been with trying to get pregnant.

Whilst they all impact on fertility there is often one that shows up time and time again and that is previous losses!

In my spiritual toolbox as an intutive healer I have wonderful practices to feel, heal and dissolve the emotional overwhelm from the actual experience (even if it was many years prior).    If emotions and feelings have been suppressed with a loss ~ they will lay dormant in the body ~ waiting for the right time to be healed, cleared and resolved.  Some of these emotions may be grief, shame, loss, powerlessness, fear, anxiety, terror and so on….they feel heavy and they take a lot of energy to keep buried.

After her treatment she may feel sleepy or that a weight has been lifted that she was not even aware she was carrying around with her.  Some of my clients will say that they ‘feel a sense of peace, understanding and acceptance in relation to the loss’.

The insights I receive during the Intuitive Healing for Fertility are what will inspire you with new ways of living and being whilst on the journey.
I believe it is my gift of being able to communicate with the soul of the baby that has the biggest impact positively for the mother.  But also the soul can guide me with what they need to happen for them to incarnate.   I can honestly say (and all my clients will vouch for this) they are always spot on with their insights!

So; my advice is to open up to something new with what you are already doing.  Open your heart and mind and book an intuitive healing for fertility and let your body reveal its ‘truth and wisdom’ for your fertility wellness.
View your body as a friend who wants you to be healthy, happy and fertile ~ your job is to listen and trust what you feel.
The insights you receive from your intuitive healing for fertility are simple and easy to impliment into your life immediatley.

Susanne Calman can be contacted for Intuitive Healings for Fertility via her website www.femininespirit.com.au