Silencing the inner critic

Just when you begin to start something new, uplevel some aspect of your life, business, career, relationship or living your dreams the inner critic will whisper ….
“thats stupid”    “whats the point?”    “why bother?”    “you cant do that!”    “what would people think!”

Soon your confidence fades, you begin to question yourself, sleep issues arise and vitality drops and finally your inspiration + zest deserts you.  Leaving you wondering what the hell happened?  Why oh why does this happen?  I am glad you asked…

The inner critic raises its voice in fear to keep you safe and in the known ~  Why?  Because stepping into your potential means taking a risk!

Ask the inner critic these questions immediately + listen to the response.

What do you need to be quiet?
Do you need me to do more of something?
Do you need me to take action?

Is there a feeling that comes with the inner critic?  Often it is fear about loosing control or not being good enough.

The final question is… ..

What do I need today that would support me?  and then committ to giving it to yourself…

Now see yourself standing in your power, trusting your thoughts, feelings + intuition.  Now take the next step in life……