Feeling old + exhausted?

Then the Ultimate Indulgence Retreat could be just what you need!  You will love what you receive on this retreat….

This is the view from our yoga bale ~ beautiful isnt it?

Just being in this space and drinking in the view seems to have such a relaxing and healing effect.
I f we are lucky the sacred mountain will appear, it is a blessing to those who witness her magnificence.

In Bali  we practice yoga with our eyes open to the beauty that is around them…
As the retreat progresses they also begin to slowly open to their own inner beauty..

And that is truly the gift of this retreat!

An inspiriational workshop

Jasi ~ the inspirational founder of Cantika Spa shares her secrets in making simple organic beauty products.
There is something so nourishing about this day on the retreat….
There are no words that will actually do it justice ~ it just needs to be experienced.

Afterwards we will dine at an Organic Cafe in the ricefields ~ a truly soul full day!
Enjoy a relaxed afternoon at the pool or wander the shops in Ubud…

Soul Food ~ one word best sums up the  food – YUM……

The food is alive and so very tasty

Relaxed chatting, laughing + enjoying delicious food ~ the way it should be!

Sometimes it the simple things that make the biggest impact on this retreat.
Our venues have been chosen carefully to awaken your senses ….




Friday.. the day of the goddess ~ is the day of makeovers  ….

Women look in the mirror and see only what needs to be hidden and what we dont like
Some you just give up trying…..

At this stage within the retreat ~ your inner beauty is already shining thru
Learn how to highlight your best features ~ less is more!

After this transformational workshop with Trudy Joyce your outer radiance is glowing…
Well lets go out for cocktails + latin dancing to enjoy how gorgeous you all look + feel

Laughing, glowing, happy, radiant, shimmering, confident, inspired, relaxed
Beautiful, energized, calm, peaceful and feeling fabulous!!

Ultimate Indulgence Retreat 2013
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Susanne Calman and Trudy Joyce look forward to sharing this beautiful experience with you.