Finding time for me?

We all get so caught up in our day to day grind and before we know it, it’s the middle of May and we still haven’t done those New Years resolutions!
Sound familiar?

My favourite thing to do when I need a break is to go for a walk along the waterfront or take my yoga mat and enjoy my yoga in nature.  I love the peacefulness and tranquility that comes from being in nature and how it always just is….in all its perfection.

I would like to share with you my Self~Care  ‘to~do~list’ to restoring a balance between the many components of your life.
Write down 2 things you can add to your to~do~list for this weekend.

* Set the intention for your day
* Avoid an excess of anything
* Lift your mood with music, candles, aromatherapy and flowers
* Read books or view TV or movies that enhance your energy
* Book a massage or go to a yoga class
* Be with those who uplift, encourage, support and love you
* Buy a guided relaxation CD and listen to it once a week for your health and wellbeing
* Listen to your inner voice
* Turn the news off whilst preparing your dinner and turn on some music or enjoy the silence
* Sit down to eat with no TV, texting, reading the paper or doing work
* Be vegetarian for at least 2 days a week to free up your energy
* Detox from news, print and social media.
* Turn off your phone and email at least one day a week
* Bring your bedtime forward to 9-10pm
* Reflect prior to falling asleep on 3 good things from your day

What are you going to do?

This is what I am doing tonight!