Mayan RAW Beauty Facial for dry Autumn skin

In Autumn our skin feels dry and no amount of moisturizer seems to help.
This is a favourite beauty treatment ~  a Mayan RAW beauty facial to nourish your face.

The descendants of the ancient Maya ~ the Chorti women rub their hair and bodies with Avacado Oil to keep them soft and resilient.
They also use it to stop them from getting burnt by the hot, glaring sun and elements as well as using it as a lip balm.

So why not use this instead of an expensive cream or lotion that contains lots of un~natural ingredients.
Nourish yourself internally by adding 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil to your salads or vegetables.

Use this oil at night or when having your Autumn Bath…
Whilst you soak away ~ cleanse your face, apply a gentle scrub and then rub the Avacado Oil in using long sweeping strokes…
keep the oil on as you sleep and notice how soft and dewy the skin looks in the morning….