Autumn Auric Cleanse

As the season changes it is a good time to cleanse your aura so that you do not take into the new season any unwanted energy that you may have picked up along your journey.
A bath time ritual is a great way to cleanse your aura.  So with the cooler nights upon us why not light the candles and cleanse away!

Autumn Cleansing Bath

Epsom Salts is easy to purchase and I suggest you always have a pack in reserve for when you need a healing bath.   Epsom Salts cleanses your aura and will help to soothe any niggling aches and pains and clears the residue from sickness.
Lavender is an auric cleanser and wonderful to use when there has been a wearing away of your health and energy over time.
Wise Woman hint: add Lavender to a water bottle and spritz your home, or sprinkle Lavender over your mattress to cleanse the imprint of energies left through the night; especially after relationship breakdown or issues.
Vanilla is gorgeous to use if you have lost your flirty spark or you feel hysterical within yet you wear the mask of peace and calm!
Wise Woman hint: soak a cotton ball in Vanilla Essence and squeeze out the excess, put under the tongue on the fold, the essence slowly travels to the brain and will calm the inner hysteria!

What to use
1 large packet of Epsom Salts
Use Lavender Aromatherapy Oil or I prefer to pick a bunch of lavender with their gorgeous purple flowers
If using Vanilla you can use Aroma Oil, Essence or fresh vanilla scraped out and use the pods too.
Crystals if you have them (clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine) cleanse these in salt water in the sunlight during the day

Set the scene ~ clean the bathroom of bits and peices ~ light the candles
Fill the bath, add crystals, salts and lavender
If you have Reiki energy ~ bless the water or ask that this bath heals and cleanses your body + soul
Soak away with a mind that is free from the dramas of life rather focus on the gratitude of lazing in a hot tub.

After shower, visualizing washing away all residue toxicity…
Hop into bed and you will sleep a sound and restorative sleep.

Everyone asks how often should I do this….My response never varies ~When you feel the need or at the change of seasons or after illness or big life event…