Yoga for Fertility DVD by Susanne Calman

The Yoga for Fertility DVD is based on Susanne Calman’s successful Yoga for Fertility 4 week course.   Susanne Calman specializes in ‘unexplained infertility’ and the DVD will support those on IVF or trying to conceive naturally.The Yoga for Fertility DVD has 4 themed lessons that link to your cycle.  The lessons are kept short ~ so that the yoga for fertility practice is not another thing on your to-do-list!!   A 20 minute morning or evening practice is attainable.

Included in the Yoga for Fertility DVD is an info sheet offering a variety of fertility yoga practices, breathing techniques and even a massage treatment to soothe + nourish the reproductive organs…

  • Week 1 ~ Connect to your body, heart + womb  (17.01)
  • Week 2 ~ Unfold with graceful flowing movements from yoga + belly dance (18.06)
  • Week 3 ~ Nourish your whole being from core to surface during your fertile time (23.03)
  • Week 4 ~ Blossom with gentleness during your fertile time (10.26)

Fertility Yoga is gentle and nourishing to conserve and sustain your creative energies.   Susanne believes that the number one pose for Fertility is Relaxation and her  Meditations for Fertility CDwill allow for deep healing to occur.  As the body rests, all the benefits of your yoga practice can be assimilated.

Susanne facilitates Yoga for Fertility courses and workshops in Melbourne and she has a busy practice as an intuitive wellness consultant who specializes in Fertility Healing.

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$30.00 available  or $26 with your intuitive healing for fertility