Fifty is what forty used to be

and sixty is what fifty used to be…………

At 48 my grandmother already looked & dressed old.
She outlived her husband by 30 years.
Ina would pass away at age 85

At 48 my mother Bette was famous yogini in Adelaide
This year she will be the same age as her mother when she passed
But Bette is vital & full of zest
She has outlived her husband

My age on paper is 48, but I do not feel 48
I feel like I am just beginning to be me – the real me
My maternal history indicates I could live another 40+ yrs
The question I ask myself  is….

What do I want to do with next half of my life?
How do I want to live?

I think we can have a wonderful second half to our lives, if we choose too…..
Keep your mind open to all the possibilities & live your life with zest…….!!