Hannah’s legacy to all women

Last year I held a women’s wellbeing yoga retreat at the beautiful Sanctuary Retreat in Mission Beach.

In their own way each woman touched my heart, but one in particular touched my soul…..
Hannah came into my life  for a moment but her legacy will last my lifetime.

As yoga teachers, Hannah & I were discussing the benefits of the  ‘opening circle’ .

These were the questions that the participants were invited to answer in front of the group. 

Where are you in your life at this moment?     What do you bring to the  retreat?
What you  do you want from this retreat?

These simple questions awaken feelings that have been ignored, emotions resurface, mouths tremble,
tears tumble & apologies are offered with uneasy laughter as one attempts to ‘gather themselves’.
The opening circle brings the past, present & future into one moment, where your feelings & emotions
are honoured & respected because they are part of  you.

Hannah whispered simple words to me  at dinner that night ” I just wanted to shake them all & say ‘just let go’ ‘just let go & surrender”……

Hannah was in the final months of her life & there is wisdom that comes in dying with grace.  She saw the incredible amount of energy that is wasted in hanging on rather than using that potent life force to live with heart.

This is a meditation to use on those days you feel overwhelmed with emotions & wont let go

  • create space
  • pause & breath your awareness down into your heart & blow gently out.  Each breath moving you deeper into that place within your heart that is light, calm & peaceful.
  • in the light be present to your feelings, emotions & sensations
    ask  ‘what would help me to let go”?   “what is this emotion trying to tell me about myself”?
  • breath light into your heart & keep blowing the breath away until you feel a shift
  • spend a moment of gratitude for all that you have…….
  • commit to listening & acting upon your insights……

Hannah, was a wise woman who lived her life with courage, grace & wisdom.
She passed surrounded by those that loved her – I think of Hannah daily & I give thanks for having her light in my life….

  • If someone has passed – what was the legacy they left for you?
  • What is the legacy you will leave behind?


9 thoughts on “Hannah’s legacy to all women

  1. I met Hannah at the retreat last year and she truly inspired me. I have kept my notes i made from the talk she gave and I as soon as i returned home i started to put into practice her wise wisdom. I’m still working through the notes and making the changes in my life step by step for a better, healthier, cleaner, greener life. i will always remember her and the retreat with the rest of the wonderful ladies which i also met.

  2. Susanne,thank you for your sharing. Friday 4 March is Hannas birthday.Hannas passion was that people awaken to who they truly are. This was her mantra also. She said of her last year that she wouldnt change one jot of it, finally realising a lifelong quest to be the peace that surpasses all understanding.

    1. Hi Keith
      Still getting used to this ‘blog’
      Hanna shared the 4th March with my father who passed last year.
      I guess you have many people saying to you – to stay in touch….
      but I hope that we can.
      I think of you often & wonder how you are…..?

  3. Being an octogenarian, I considered myself to be in the twilight of my life but meeting Hannah at the Retreat change that outlook. Her courage and her determination to help others from her experiences was the inspiration of the Retreat. I frequently think of her as I go around on my daily activities and I am thankful that someone like Hannah came into my life, however briefly.

  4. I met Hanna at the yoga retreat in the Sanctuary in August. I can truly say that Hanna one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. She was facing and indeed living a very difficult situation with good humour, calmness, peace, intelligence, grace and beauty (from within and without). Despite the hand that she had been dealt – she was not bitter. She was very interested in people and very supportive of those around her. She had bucketloads of intuition and was an excellent listener. I had a number of really good conversations with Hanna on the deck at Sanctuary and I treasure those moments. More than anything I have been trying to live by the advice she gave me. Thank you Hanna for those words of wisdom and for opening your heart to us during our time in Sanctury. If I can face the crises in my life with even half of Hanna’s grace and inner strengh – I’d be happy.

  5. It was an absolute pleasure and honour to have met Hannah and to spend 7 days on our retreat with this amazing woman was delightful. We all shared many laughs and tears which was a very liberating experience and one to cherish.
    I was having trouble sleeping on the retreat so she decided to teach me tratak (candle gazing)which helped me enormously, I will always remember that.
    An angel in heaven xxxx

    1. thank you Debra for sharing your thoughts on Hanna,
      she certainly was an inspiration to us all wasnt she?


  6. I often think of Hanna and I have been trying to follow the good advice she gave us at the Sanctuary. I’ve been reading over the notes again that I made during her talk and remember her fondly – she looked so well. I will always remember this very brave, inspiring lady.

    1. thanks Val for stopping by & sharing your thoughts on the beautiful Hanna….

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