Create space for new beginnings

When you get the vibe to spring clean then don’t waste that opportunity….go for it! 
This is an easy way to shift your energy from stuck to flowing and from heavy to light.
Spring cleaning at this time of the year will create space around you and invites a feeling of emptiness within.  As you move into the new year, you will be able to open up to all the wonderful new opportunities/relationships etc that present themselves to you in the new year.

Spring Cleaning Goddess

Your home is a reflection of you, so if you feel stuck, heavy and un-inspired, you may notice that your home may feel this too.

It is easy then to understand that when we spring clean our home it has an immediate affect on your body, mind and heart and this positive change will flow into all aspects of your outer world (so it could be career, relationship, new relationship, having a baby, writing a book – etc)
Change your surrounds and you will change your mind, its as easy as that.
If your mind can feel spacious, clear, focused then you will find that will flow into all aspects of your life.
And it all begins with one drawer!

Join me over the next few days too:

  • Clear out the cupboard or the drawer that drove you crazy through the year.
  • If an object no longer touches your soul when you gaze upon it, put it away, or give it away.
  • Tidy up or donate old magazines, books, (especially cook books – how many do we need?)
  • If something no longer looks or feels fabulous when you wear it, it is time to give it away to someone that will enjoy it.
  • Spring clean your address book and email contact list (this will shift the energy associated with those people too)
  • Buy a new journal for the new year and only add ideas/goals/dreams that still inspire you.

Afterwards take a little time to sit and notice how you feel…..

Do you feel clearer?  lighter?  is there a sense of satisfaction?  are you inspired to continue?

Let go of the old, so that the new can evolve …

It is my suggestion to do one thing per day



PS – if you try this let me know how you went.  I have already started and already I can feel a difference.

2 thoughts on “Create space for new beginnings

  1. Your comment about getting rid of an object that doesn’t touch your soul resonates with me – I have a lovely crystal vase but it was given to me by someone I strongly disliked. I can never look at this vase without thinking of this horrible person. I had it out over Christmas for some flowers, but it just yells out negative memories to me. Right – time to get rid of it!

    1. Thanks Kellie
      Our home should be filled with what makes our soul happy.
      Check out the sacred space blog………perhaps?
      All our objects in our home carry the energy of previous owners, those who have touched it and ours.
      So it would be interesting to notice how the space felt afterward.


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