Healing Energy Exfoliation ~ Autumn Special

I have an amazing healing treatment for you this Autumn..

Healing Energy Exfoliation 

Slough off the dead stagnant energy blocks in the Solar, Luna, Celestial + Micro Chakras to awaken your Amarit (nectar of your life force) + Shakti Power to flow in harmony for your health + happiness.

After your exfoliation a sound medicine, healing chakra colours + silent chakra chants will soothe + smoothe your raw sacred energy.

Your Energy Exfoliation will offer you:

  • Physical + emotional rejuvenation
  • Time to rest + re-charge your feminine spirit
  • Energetic nourishment to support you with your awakening
  • Space for you to find you again…

Does this sound like what you need?  

If yes …  email susanne@femininespirit.com.au to book this magical healing + for EFT details

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$140 – 1hr healing plus insights shared.  Allow 1 1/4 hrs