March – Live with Love….

Hello Kindred Souls…

A theme of loving kindness, love, gentleness, walking with heart, flow, ease are key themes…   What is going on ‘out there’ is symbolic of what is going on ‘within here’.

Whilst today is the first day of Autumn our glorious mother nature doesn’t quite stick to a man made calendar ..
We are energetically in late Summer.  The perfect way to listen to your recordings will be to sit / lay on the earth or imagine that you are to feel the support of the ‘mother’.    If not make a cuppa and sit outside + be with ‘her’.

March Gifts for the Feminine Soul

I recorded this outside under a gentle falling rain…  so you will hear the sound which feels almost static – but try to feel the cleansing rain washing the aura clear. 

Walk with Love Healing + Reading               38.27mins
Loving Kindness Breathe + Meditations    10.55mins

The spiritual toolbox for your March Gifts..

Anoint – Heart Chakra Mist
Pink + Orange to heal the sacral chakra
Kidney 1 – Bubbling Spring – Burst of Vibrancy
Holy Thorn Flower Essence
Botanical Pain Spray – by Feminine Spirit

This will be a beautiful sacred ritual for your feminine soul during March…  especially if you are being triggered with what is going on in Eastern Europe.    If your parents + grandparents come from war torn countries – there will be deep healing going on thru your timeline.    So please be kind to yourself!
Many of us have war in our lineage whether it was religious wars, land wars and whatever else man has fought for.    When is enough enough?

Peace begins within…  and my message is to light a candle + send love to the ancestors, to the land, to the people and to the so-called leaders.

I also ask that you walk with peace, you treat the earth with loving kindness, her animals with respect.  We must all learn to live with each other on this sacred earth.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace,”
Jimi Hendrix.