February ~ Peace Out Baby!!!

Chinese New Year (1st Feb) offers an opportunity to reflect on being more present in your presence.  We re-hash our yesterdays + worry about our tomorrows + wonder why we feel less than fabulous.   For those still feeling the fall out of lockdowns the Spirit Blessings Gifts for your Soul will be a blessing.     February is the month of self-care, self-love in the form of PEACE.

I was guided to include the healing within the relaxation + will be a source of comfort when you feel pulled in many directions.  This relaxation carries the energy of harmony.

February – Guided Relaxation + Healing 21.43


This is a short chant is called a Recovery Mantra as it resets your compass back to your true north.  A lovely way to call yourself home… to your inner home that it peaceful.

OM Shanti shanti shanti OM   6.13


Sacred Language for the Soul gets you out of your head, away from the noisy modern life so you can float down into the stillness of your peaceful heart

Shanti  7.38


Tools for February…

Lavender Peace by DoTerra – Nurturing, Calming, Reset
If you dont have this blend use Lavender.  I would mist your home with it too!!!  Every household needs Lavender!

Wollomi Pine Essence by Feminine Spirit – healing from the heart to the throat chakra.  The Wollomi Pine was nearly extinct with only 100 or so + she’s still standing tall, strong + beautiful on the Earth.    Her message is for you to do the same regardless of what or who comes at you.
When I was blessing the Wollomi Blend a Dragon Fly stayed close to me and I knew she would give a message when the time was right…. and that is now.    Your aura was filled with her message to peel away the layers of illusion, the judgements of others for dare having a difference of opinion, the blame etc etc…  Come into the moment and in that moment is whatever you are feeling…. be with it.  feel it.  let it go…

Large Intestine Meridian Pt 2 release the old to create new experiences…
This point is on the index finger +  links to the  Wollimi Pine and to the experience of peace.  You will need to listen to get it.   But when you point your finger at someone telling them what to do or not to do – your index finger points back at you.
When you are watching TV make a nice blend of Lavender Cream and massage your hands + hold this point.  Then rest your hands over your heart soaking up the goodness.

Be kind to your sweet heart and let Valentines Day for an entire month!