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February Peace

February ~ Peace Out Baby!!!

Chinese New Year (1st Feb) offers an opportunity to reflect on being more present in your presence.  We re-hash our yesterdays + worry about our tomorrows + wonder why we feel less than fabulous.   For those still feeling the fall out of lockdowns the Spirit Blessings Gifts for your Soul will be a blessing.     February is the month of self-care, self-love in the form of PEACE.

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May - Full of Hope

May Healing + Reading….

I write this on the 5th day of the 5th month at 3.55pm…
In a world that seems to be rapidly changing it’s easy to find yourself feeling out of sorts. During Autumn we may find ourselves suddenly feeling depressed, stuck, grieving, apathetic + lost.

Your spirit tune up this month will shift the heavy sludge to restore joy, gratitude, self-compassion, positivity + HOPE.    You may find yourself feeling a sense of adventure arising for the year ahead or you may find the healing you need from 2020 Continue reading