December 2021 Spirit Healing + Reading…


Here are your spirit tools for December 2021.    I was called to do 3 forms of healing for you.  You will see they all link in so begin with the Healing + move from there.  Gift yourself time to soak this gift up.

Click here ~ Healing – Peace Be With YOU!  Peace within…. 23.43 minutes
I’d nearly finished the Healing when my mobile rang + I pressed the wrong button + lost the recording.   So you’ve actually receiving a 48 min heart healing.

Click here ~ Guided Relaxation + Breathe  6.56 minutes
A gentle relaxation with breath focus for light, love, peace, power + gratitude.

Click here ~ Spirit Oracle Card Reading 5.07 minutes
To bring it all together – Bright Heart – Open Heart Reading.

Please download your Gifts to your Dropbox so you can enjoy as many times as you wish.  The files are deleted after 1 month….

Spirit ToolBox for December 2021…
Priest of Light Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor + Kimberly Webber
Rosemary Essential Oil or pick fresh sprigs of Rosemary
Immune Boost Liquorice + Ginger Oxymel by Feminine Spirit
Cleanse + Protect Aura Mist by Feminine Spirit
Jasmine Flower Essence by Feminine Spirit
Green Calcite Crystal