November Spirit Blessings 2021

Hello beautiful beings,
I hope you are navigating the times with ease, grace + wonder…
November is indeed one of the most powerful months.

November is a month of healing + her message is to feed your power, strength, courage, love, curiosity, wonder, exploration, gratitude, magic + mystery….
Of course you also have the choice to feed your fears.   See what feels best for your future self?   Choice is key this month….   What will you choose?..

November Breath + Visualization…  8.57 minutes   The perfect antidote
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November 2021 ~ Healing + Card Reading    25.23 minutes  The perfect prescription
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The tools used for November…
Blue Lily Essence, Heart Chakra Aura Mist + Anoint Sacred Ritual Oil by Feminine Spirit
Green Calcite Crystal
Eagle Spirit Card – Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King