October Spirit Lavender

October ~ Spirit Blessings 2021

The soothing energy of Lavender will cushion YOU on life’s rainy days as it will help you to gather the strength of the grandmothers + the innocence of your inner little one ~ for the woman you are today as you navigate a world none of us saw coming…..

Spirit Blessings for October….49mins
Keep taking time thru your healing to move the body to shift energy…


Spirit Toolbox for October
Lavender Essential Oil ~ warms the heart, steadies the emotions, reminds you to care for yourself as you travel on the river of life…   How do you nurture yourself?

Notice Lavender on your walks with it’s hues of lavender + sage …. pick some to enjoy on your bedside table, work desk, pop some in your bath …

Wear Sage or Lavender, accessorize with jewellery, crystals or scarves.   Funnily enough I am wearing these colours today!

Thymus Chakra Healing
Higher heart, temple of the soul, Thymus Chakra or breath-soul (your human energy depends on this)..

Tap the thymus to boost the immune system, brings you back into your body, lifts energy, protection + balance energy flow.   Visualize or wear turquoise or soft pink/blue.

Throat Chakra Healing…
Chant, sing, speak kind words, speak with love, listen with your heart + soul..
Imbalances show up in ear, nose, throat + respiratory…

When you are connected to your higher self – you will be at peace + at one and you see others regardless whether they agree with your opinions and it will just be OK…..

Musica to balance, heal + nurture the Feminine Spirit this October…
In my New Year – New Year class ‘ Vive le Revolution ‘ was the 2021 theme + two songs called to me as themes for the year…    See if you can feel them…

Beautiful Chorus – Hymn of Healing, Darling. –
find these Queens on Spotify

These are two of my favourites to nourish the throat + heart chakras.
Hymn of Healing ~ we only hum when we are happy!  Instant  heart boost.
Darling ~ hug yourself as you sing to yourself.  I believe this is one of two songs for 2021.

Link Wray ~ Rumble – The song of 2021…
Rumble was banned in case it incited riots + yet not one word is uttered!.  Link is a Cherokee Man + at the time Native Americans could not play their medicine drum, speak their language, practice their culture + have their ceremonies.
Link created cool + the link above is not the best soundtrack but you get to see how many dudes were inspired by his vibe…   Here is the better soundtrack…
Play Rumble when you have lost your power….

October the month of speaking + listening from your heart + soul…

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