May Healing + Reading….

I write this on the 5th day of the 5th month at 3.55pm…
In a world that seems to be rapidly changing it’s easy to find yourself feeling out of sorts. During Autumn we may find ourselves suddenly feeling depressed, stuck, grieving, apathetic + lost.

Your spirit tune up this month will shift the heavy sludge to restore joy, gratitude, self-compassion, positivity + HOPE.    You may find yourself feeling a sense of adventure arising for the year ahead or you may find the healing you need from 2020

Your Spirit Medicine to Restore HOPE for May…

May – Guided Relaxation 9.55

May – Reading 28.24


5555 + 3
This is all about creativity – a rebirth perhaps?  this can be messy, painful, scary, freeing, liberating + exciting.  Is there something you have wanted to change?  Well the Universe just take it’s tick of approval!  yay you!

Cypress Essential Oil
Moving from feeling challenged to supported…
Cypress brings structure, strength + a sense of protection when you are ready to move forward in life + feeling challenged by all the changes.  Cypress will hold space for the soul to remain in balance thru this time…

How can you create a support system around you thru this time?

Birthing a New Age Oracle Card
Birthing new creations.  Dreaming a new world into being.
Often our path is the one we don’t feel we are ready to walk. 
It is time to give permission + space for what is beckoning within to be born.

Allow this.  Be the container for this.  Do it.  Walk it. 

New Me Crystal + Botanical Elixir  x 30 drops
For creativity, new adventures, healing, karmic clearing.
Birthed on the 1st day of the spiritual new year – a new beginning with fresh eyes, new attitude, open heart + sense of adventure….

Aqua Aura Quartz
This sky blue high vibe crystal has rainbows thru it + is for calming the emotions, soothing stress , activates soul energy+ heals the Throat Chakra for you to express your truth from your heart.    A wonderful boost to the immune system + thymus glad.

Rose Aura Quartz
A gentle uplifting vibration to stimulate the heart + to send this loving healing energy thru the body for harmony.   A lovely crystal for young girls!!!

Even tho Aqua Aura is a man-made I feel it’s soooo beautiful with all the glorious colours that hold the rainbow in each of them.  Just a perfect crystal for young ones too!

 I hope you enjoy your Spirit Medicine for May.


Message in Numbers  – Alana Fairchild
Blossoming Heart Aromatherapy for Healing + Transformation – Robbi Zeck
Work your Light Oracle Cards – Rebecca Campbell
New Me Crystal + Botanical Elixir – Feminine Spirit

5 thoughts on “May Healing + Reading….

  1. Love your readings and Meditations every month
    Just what I need
    Thank you x

  2. Love your readings and meditations every month
    Just what I need
    Thank you xx

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