April – Healing + Reading….

Here is your healing + reading for April….. I always feel April is all about self-care…
It’s like we suddenly realize we have a huge year ahead and we tend to feel exhausted just thinking about it (or trying not to)…

Healing + Soul Reading ~ 22minutes

Spirit Medicine Tools I used for your Healing + Reading……

Essential Oil Blend (yet to be named but available) ~  for when your emotions are frayed, life is a slog and your energy is leaking away.

Sweet Orange, Clary Sage, Grapefruit, Cananga, May Chang, Palmarosa, Petigrain, Spikenard + Vetiver…

The priority oil was Palmarosa  to bring love + forgiveness to past issues where you have been betrayed or betrayed yourself.

Affirmation “Compassion is the food that feeds my soul”

Desert Essence ~ I created this beauty when I was on the sacred lands of Mbantua, Watarrka, Uluru + Kata Tjuta to offer deep heart awakening + soul alignment for you to recapture your creativity, passion, joy….. so you can be YOU again!.

A fusion of Energetic Medicine, Botanical + Vibrational Infusions that carries the message from the Desert “for true soul alignment to occur you must feed your body, mind, heart + soul rich nourishment ”

If this speaks to you email me and I can bless one for you… $20 plus postage..


April Relaxation ~ 17 minutes

A beautiful relaxation that will drain away all tension/tiredness you may be feeling or trying not to feel.  When you listen to this relaxation don’t rush back to life….
Have your hand moisturizer nearby and spend a few minutes nourishing the symbol of your heart…..  the hands.




2 thoughts on “April – Healing + Reading….

  1. Thank you Susanne for my monthly healings. I have felt such a great positive shift in myself, mentally, spiritualy and physically. There is no doubt that a continuous healing is the way to go, over the months I feel layers have been pealed away and at last I am finding me, my purpose and peace. It has been a long journey and I thank you for all the energy you have given and healing channelled. I’d highly recommend anyone who wants to find their inner peace and wellbeing to keep on with your monthly healings …it is absolutely helping me. love and light to you. x

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