April – Healing + Reading….

Here is your healing + reading for April….. I always feel April is all about self-care…
It’s like we suddenly realize we have a huge year ahead and we tend to feel exhausted just thinking about it (or trying not to)…

Healing + Soul Reading ~ 22minutes

Spirit Medicine Tools I used for your Healing + Reading……

Essential Oil Blend (yet to be named but available) ~  for when your emotions are frayed, life is a slog and your energy is leaking away.

Sweet Orange, Clary Sage, Grapefruit, Cananga, May Chang, Palmarosa, Petigrain, Spikenard + Vetiver…

The priority oil was Palmarosa  to bring love + forgiveness to past issues where you have been betrayed or betrayed yourself.

Affirmation “Compassion is the food that feeds my soul”

Desert Essence ~ I created this beauty when I was on the sacred lands of Mbantua, Watarrka, Uluru + Kata Tjuta to offer deep heart awakening + soul alignment for you to recapture your creativity, passion, joy….. so you can be YOU again!.

A fusion of Energetic Medicine, Botanical + Vibrational Infusions that carries the message from the Desert “for true soul alignment to occur you must feed your body, mind, heart + soul rich nourishment ”

If this speaks to you email me and I can bless one for you… $20 plus postage..


April Relaxation ~ 17 minutes

A beautiful relaxation that will drain away all tension/tiredness you may be feeling or trying not to feel.  When you listen to this relaxation don’t rush back to life….
Have your hand moisturizer nearby and spend a few minutes nourishing the symbol of your heart…..  the hands.




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