March Healing + Reading – JOY

The theme that presented was JOY.  Where has it gone?  There seems to be a lid on our JOY at the moment.  Your March Spirit Blessings will lift that weight off you + restore feelings of lightness, joy + possibility.

Your March Spirit Blessings Reading  34.57 minutes

Your March Spirit Blessings Guided Relaxation   10.47 minutes

What will also help you this month is MUSIC, CHANTING + COLOUR…

It’s one to listen to music whilst you go about your daily life but quite another to sit + listen…. being still and just absorbing the healing power of sound.
I’ve recently discovered which I have playing at the moment as I write this.   I have started to listen when I come home from work + sit outside with a cuppa.  It’s not my usual choice of music but this is lifting my spirit everytime I listen.  I can actually feel the change.

I am also loving with Will Blunderfield Aquarian Sadhana
I play this during an afternoon siesta or I have it playing when I go to Coles (so low in vibration) to cleanse the energy of my home.
Will has created a soundtrack to lift the hearts vibration up to 100% healing potential which sends a healing vibration reverberating through your physical body bringing it back to harmony.

When I feel I have lost connection to the spirit of my country I will reconnect with Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – truly brilliant!!!

We all know how good we feel with a good chant which stimulates 84 acupressure points on the top of the mouth which then goes on to stimulate the hypothalamus, pineal gland + the entire glandular system which is why you feel soooooo good!
When we chant our voice changes, the fragmented parts are called home, resistance is cleared + your inner temple becomes alive with harmonious vibrations.    What is not to love about that!!!!!

I love Snatam Kaur   DevaPremal if you have Spotify you can get on or Instant Timer you can scroll to you find what you love.  I do love a bit of Elvis too!

Then finally the colour….  Yellow is the colour of JOY but what colour speaks to you of JOY – can you bring that in?   I did see yellow + sunlight and I would suggest you get out in the morning light sans sunnies to soak up the beauty of colour.

I discovered this secret treasure last week + will be taking my Mum soon…  why not pick your own Sunflower in Greendale    You will feel your spirit lift instantly!   How can you be flat when you are in a field of Sunflowers??

Spiritual Tools for March
New Me Crystal + Botanical Elixir for creativity, new adventures + ancestral healing to support you thru the changes that 2021 will bring.

Empress + Rose Sacral Chakra Mist  Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Lavender, Clary Sage, Damiana + Siam Wood for heart healing, joy, intuition, liberation from the prisons we put ourselves in.

Empress + Rose Bath + Body Oil for Ritual Bathing + Anointing reconnects you to the temple of the body to nourish the spirit, awaken the senses + expands the aura.

Green Calcite for mental healing to support you thru change +  I feel this is the crystal for 2021- it is such a pretty crystal!

I hope you love your Spirit Blessings for March