Covid Vaccine Tips + Meditation…

I’ve intuited this healing relaxation to support you if you are choosing to take the Covid Vaccine.   Give yourself a minimum of one month preparation of detoxing, clearing up health issues,  boosting your immune system, protecting gut health with probiotics + generally be in the best health you can be.

I allowed this to be created intuitively and so you have a Breathing Technique to cleanse, an immune boost practice + your healing relaxation/healing.

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My Top Tips for Covid + Vaccine Protection

Listen to your intuition with what is right for you.  Chat to your naturopath, homeopath or the health shop staff about what you need.  This is what I have done for me during the Winter of 2020 + will continue this beyond.

Vit D for before/after vaccine + covid protection.
Best ways to bring it in is to walk sans sunnies early morning + late afternoon.
Allow as much of your skin to soak up the sun.
Do some sun bathing sans glasses (best sun is not in the heat of the day)

But most of us hate the glare of the sun + feel naked without our eye shields…

Turn your gaze to the sun – close your eyes… breathe
Turn your eyes left + right slowly ….still facing the sunlight
Let the eyes come to centre + slowly open the eyes.

This will help your eyes acclimatize to the sun.

Sun Breath
Lift your gaze to the sun.    Block the left nostril.
Inhale Right nostril (sun nostril) down into the solar plexus (your sun centre).
Exhale imagine sunlight spiraling in the solar plexus strengthening your personal energy, boosting your health, empowering you..

Love your Liver for before/after vaccine + covid protection
Buy a tongue scraper + do this every morning before you drink water…  so that you are not swallowing the Ama (toxins)..

Increase your water intake + make it interesting….
Add lemon, lime, herbs or cucumber to flavour the water + add the healing of botanicals
stimulates the liver, senses + gets everything humming along…

Celery Juice
Medical Medium suggest to have your lemon water  + then your Celery Juice.
This will cleanse the liver gently + lovingly.  I add a bit of lemon + mint to flavour it.
On those busy days I will have a stalk of celery to eat if I dont have time to juice.

Supplements for covid protection  
Not everyone can take Zinc so add these delicious things to your intuitive eating..
Hemp, flax + pumpkin seeds ( I love flaxseed oil as it oils your skin from the inside out)
Almonds to  to support Aussie farmers!
Chickpeas, lentils + beans added to salads, curries + soups…..
Meat + Shellfish  (altho recommended I would personally detox from meat)
Ferment your vegies, sprout your seeds + soak your nuts so you can absorb zinc + goodness without your taxing your digestion.

Astragalus Membranaceus
I took this thru 2020 as a protection … it’s immune boosting, anti-inflammatory, supports fatigue, protects from common cold + viruses, supports the heart + liver health

A trace mineral that helps your anti-oxidant do its job.  Protects tissues from damage, fights inflammation, supports immune + thyroid health, cell growth + digestion.

Detox Essence by Feminine Spirit (Burdock Root)    before/after vaccine + covid protection
For those who feel toxic, heavy + full on all levels.     Detox  goes to the core of the issue + works its magic outward to where you feel the toxicity in the physical sense.    Detox supports the kidneys, digestion, constipation, fluid retention, detoxification, inflammation, boosts lymph drainage.  Protects the liver + aids skin.

Eat simply + lightly food that nourish body + soul
Eat foods that do not cause congestion + constipation

Listen to your relaxation before you  have your vaccine.
As you take the vaccine visualize this as a medicine or healing nectar that will protect your body from ill-health.
Rest after your vaccine.  Eat warming + nourishing foods that ground you.

See yourself as free, light, healthy + powerful
Note all side effects no matter how small.  Keep a diary for yourself + inform your doctor on your next visit.

Heart Vibration
Aquarian Sadhana 432Hz by Will awaken chakras, kundalini + lift the heart to it’s highest vibration for healing.   I listen to this on my phone on Instant Timer
Music changes everything…   so really watch what you are watching + listening too!
If it’s low vibe it will drain your immune system, energy + shrink your aura.  No Good!!!
tune in + let music lift your heart.  The highest vibration of healing is the heart.

for those that feel they are being coerced into having the vaccine or are worried about the side effects you can book a healing with me where I will energetically remove the toxins from your body allowing what is needed to remain.    I’ve done this for my family + myself and then had it tested how much remained of the vaccine which was about 1%

Homeopathic Vaccine…
Leiah Golden provides homeopathic vaccines for the flu + covid.  For those that would like to do things more naturally without the side effects these offer a high percentage of protection.  I gave these to my mum + myself thru 2020…   Available online.

Naturopathic Support….
Christine Carley is my Naturopath + I love her because I don’t spend $3,000 on vitamins!  She uses her intuition, kinesiology + blending skills to offer the priority medicina for you thru vitamins + herbal tonics.   Available online.

Please note I am not affiliated with anyone only my Detox Essence.

Reach out, seek support, question, get well + above all if you are hesitant ….don’t do it till you feel it’s right.



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  1. Hi Susanne it’s Josie from Bali …
    I hope you’re well could I please ask a favor.. could you possibly send me your February healing meditation for some reason my Dropbox is saying the link is broken and I’ve listened to it once before . Thank you sooo much x

  2. Hello Susanne, Do you or anyone else you know of run courses on helping people with toxic removal (vaccine) I’m already in the health industry and work with Reiki but am feeling drawn to this kind of thing, I feel many people are going to need this kind of help. Blessings, Nikki

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