February ~ Healing + Relaxation.

Here is your beautiful healing + relaxation for February…
You can listen as often as you like as the healing power is embedded into the words + you will receive the benefit each time.
Have the dropbox app downloaded + you can store all your relaxations to your computer + phone.

Healing ~ 28mins

As you progress thru February notice the parts that presented for healing.
The healing focus was to the mind, head + eyes…
You can sit or lay to listen …  with breathwork, visualization + interaction

Click on the link for your  February Healing –

Spiritual Toolbox 
Amethyst Crystalthe priority was to balance + connect the physical, mental + emotional bodies linking them to the spiritual. 

Pink BougainvilleaFor those who doubt themselves + find it hard to believe there is anything incredible, loving, brilliant, unique about the person you are today.  The past is gone so choose how much you let it affect you today.   Resets the brain to reset your day!

Heart Chakra Mist with May Chang For success-full living.  Do something daily for  body, mind, heart + spirit.  Choose what you put your attention on.  Pay enthusiastic attention to what you desire + keep moving in that direction.


Relaxation 14mins

The theme for February relaxation was harmony…which works beautifully with the healing.  A 14min Relaxation is the perfect refresh in the afternoon or if you wake up as tired as when you went to bed.

MantraHari Om Tat Sat   Goodbye to the old you + hello to the new you!
You can chant this at the beginning + end of your day…

Click here for your  February Relaxation – Harmony

I hope you enjoy your Spirit Blessings for February…

“Pamper yourself into wellness with little indulgence”    Sue Augustine