Lockdown Healing + Reading

A lovely breathwork, healing + reading to support your energies as you move thru being lockedup.  This will support you rather than drain you.  Commit to a  few minutes several times a week to step away from life + do nothing but breathe…

Lockdown Healing + Reading…   24.17mins

Lockdown Relaxation + Breathing Practice for Cleansing + Calming..  10.03mins


Base of Skull in the hollow + just away from spine on the hairline(Gallbladder 16 + 20)

Survival, headaches, dis-connection, in times of chaos + upheaval,  unblocks thinking, opens your ‘eyes at the back of your head’, inability to deal with what is happening in world, group thoughts.

Cleanse + Protect Aura Mist
protect your energy from energy vampires, toxic situations,  low vibe people, gossip + radiation from your technology that leaves you feeling not quite yourself.

Sleep Tight Crystal + Botanical Elixir
quietens the noise that keeps you surrendering to sleep.

Massage into the base of the skull where there is emotional release point that acts as a filter for the nervous system + spine.   By applying Fragonia to this point the nervous system will relax, allowing feelings, emotions + thoughts to be processed differently.
Massage along the spine with Fragonia to support your nervous system.

centre of chest when you feel ungrounded, shaky + fragile, snappy + snarly, disconnection.
Divine Feminine Matrix 19 (Purple Palace) will remind you the sacredness of your body as the palace of your Soul.  Your body is sacred, soul is sacred, energy + light body is sacred as are the places you move thru.



Sleep Tight