July Spirit Blessings

Are you stuck in your head at the moment?  This is where I am immediately drawn.  Let the healing begin.

Two points on either side of the crown of head (on the bladder meridian) ache and I hear  the Aussie saying “doing my head in“….  This pain comes from all the times something or someone was doing your head in!

I massage Rosewood into the pain points and sense you may also feel blocked in life?  Rosewood helps you to look within for the answers and to trust your own wise counsel that comes with age, life, wisdom + learning.

Alternate Nostril Breath with Rosewood shifts depressive thoughts that have arisen with Winter (especially for extroverts) or for those that have kept their depression a secret.

Inhale left nostril into the right brain.  Exhale from the right brain out thru right nostril.
Inhale right nostril into the left brain.  Exhale from the left brain out thru left nostril.

I hear “I can’t keep doing this“…  What does this mean?  I do an Oracle Card Reading and 4 cards jump out so I’ll bring the energy of each card into the healing.

Surrender Obsessive Thinking ~ If your obsessing about a person or situation, turn the dilemma over to spirit.  Doing so will help bring you clarity or even solve the problem.

Full Moon in Capricorn Medicine:
Reach out, ask for support or brainstorm with friends if you need guidance, focus or direction.  OR you could ask for divine guidance and then listen…
Issues with career vs  passion/purpose may surface.  It’s time to delegate + delete to lighten your load and create space for your mind to breath.

Surrender to Receiving Support + Love ~ Allow the love + support of others in, rather than trying to handle everything yourself.  This can take the pressure off + nurture you too!

I hear “No I can’t allow this to happen” why?  This refusal has created pressure in your head + heart.  What’s the worst that could happen if you allowed others to be self-responsible? How would it feel to be  loved + supported?  Can you allow this for your own health?

Rose Petal Alchemical Essence  will support the healing of  wounds that you’ve kept in the treasure chest of your heart.  I crack open the lid +  frustration bursts out and this may have been felt as sinus issues, heated head and tired eyes.   What will help I wonder?

Surrender Negative Thinking ~ You have control over your thoughts.  When negative thoughts surface, say “Thank You for sharing” and quickly refocus on positive affirmations.

In closing:
If you’ve been feeling irritated, pissed off, frustrated or irritable then you need tough love.

Find your gold by being honest with yourself.
Stop whinging and pull up your big girl undies
Own your supergirl powers and stop blaming
Explore, discover and uncover your own inner gold
Write down 20 ways that you are loved + supported.
Book an acupuncture appt to get your energy flowing.
Stop eating comfort food + stop doing comfortable things – push the boundaries a bit.

And finally….

Surrender Stress ~ Take a few deep breaths and exhale the tension you’ve built up in your body.  Let the stress go as you come back to your centre.

Sounds good to me…




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