August Spirit Blessings…

The light is coming.  But it just may not feel like it.  Yet.  Mother Nature is guiding us ….  but with what?

My morning walk is now my morning meditation.  I walk alone in silence, focusing on my breath and my surrounds.  When my mind goes off into drama, stories or lala land I re-focus on mother nature.  Change is in the air but how can we be at peace with change when our mind loves to cling?


Using a gentle high vibe oil “Salubelle” I massage the 3rd eye in a slow circle to quieten the mind.   As the circle grows I blow the dust + darkness of the mind away.

I draw tiny circles over the closed eyelid, under the eye and along the eyebrow.  Oh the tension!   Your eyes will thank you.   Your welcome.

Why the eyes when it’s the mind that’s clinging?  The eyes cling to our past, to every image we’ve ever seen, to what we don’t  want to see and to what we don’t like in our life.  Our eyes don’t stop looking for danger/obstacles/limitations/bad peeps and what everyone else wants + needs.  And sometimes they can’t see the good in life or people.

Relax the eyes and you can relax the body and mind.

Rub your palms of hands together til they’re warm + energized.  Bow your head resting your eyes in the palms.  Breathe deeply as layers of images are peeled away.
A soft blue light cleanses them of rigidness, tension, hardness and sadness.   LET GO.  When you raise your head – blink 20 times quickly.  Open your eyes to seeing better spiritually + physically!

Now here is the missing link:
Salubelle is the oil of anti aging and the eyes hold our beliefs about aging!  I’m called to massage the face with Salubelle in small circles.   LET GO.  But it’s not in the area of beauty that is showing up …

Has your mind narrowed?  Have you lost your dreams?  Can you only see the negative?  Have you lost your mental flexibility?  What do you have to look forward too?  Do you like what you see in your life?

Focus on good news stories + see the goodness of humankind
Be on a diet of nature, eat rainbow food + enjoy the colour of life
Become fascinated by what you see
Turn off the screen + open a book
Do eye exercises to restore flexibility + strength
Go the country + stay overnight and walk in the fresh country air
See beyond the now to what you would love to do next year
What was the dream you used to hunger for?  Have you or it changed?
Step outside tonight + star gaze
Make a list of 30 things you love to remind you of what brings you joy
Write a daily list of something you saw during your day that awakened your sight sense
Where do you want to journey to?
See a movie that delights the senses
Who did you used to be?  (someone who took a risk, put yourself out there etc)
Check out Friday specials for Jetstar + take a cheeky flight away for the weekend

I hear “yes”… and say it!  YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
Such a wonderful word to shift your eye vibe.

Night time Meditation:
Place a Rose Quartz crystal over your 3rd eye sensing it’s soft light filtering outward to your physical eyes + spiritual sight to awaken your intuitive wisdom + dreaming.

Oracle Card Reading from “Work your Light” by Rebecca Campbell:

The Age of Light –  there is a part of you that is ready to emerge to be seen, to rise up + step forth.   So if you’ve been thinking of hiding your gifts and talents away to stay safe + comfy (note to self) then ffs pee that idea off cos this ain’t the lifetime for that.  Synchronicity!

Raindrops Alchemical Essence – Anxiety Blend ~ 26 drops -whoa!!!!
To fill your spirit tank with a gentle reassurance that it’s safe to let go.

In closing:
If your mind has narrowed – it doesn’t need the same same – it needs new + fresh.  Your eyes need it.  Your heart needs it.  Your spirit needs it.

You will now see the light that is coming because you trust.  You’ll welcome the  transformation that comes with the new season because you welcome change.

You are the light.  You are the seeker of the light.

Now remember that as you go thru August – seek the light + be the light.



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  1. Thank you Susanne:)
    That’s all so amazing. Hope you find time to rest yourself. I adore your reading and they are just so insightful!! Will book myself in for a healing very soon.
    Love and hugs to you:)

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