Spirit Blessings ~ September

You seem torn in two about something?  What is it?  It might be doing your head in but it’s straining your heart.  Time to do something about it.

A recap of August ….  You are the light, you are the seeker of the light…
This is needed again to help you hold this issue or person in the light…   See yourself in the light…..   Ask for the highest and best possible outcome to occur. 

I’m guided to smudge my pewter + SM sites (symbolizing your devices + SM).   The vibration of technology + SM is low so that’s why it’s vital to give yourself a break from the screen and get into nature to balance the Luciferic energy of it all.   Yes you read that right.  It’s Devil energy.

Spring is the perfect time to give our technology a good energetic cleanse + polish.


Using White Sage and Eucalyptus leaves with an intention to cleanse you + your technology from any conflict, anger or evil.  As the smoke absorbed and released this energy – I felt a deep shift.

Smudge + Healing:
I cleansed confusion from the 3rd eye.  You know the truth of what’s right for you.  Trust it.

The smoke weaves it’s magic thru the heart releasing resentment, anger and broken heart strings. Your heart is feeling vulnerable so please be gentle with yourself.

As I bring you into the light your 3rd eye opens to solutions and I hear “It’s ok – I’m ok”.
I’m see an image of you clearing out the old from your home, life, fridge, email list, fb friends, sm pages you never read etc. etc. etc.    Send them off with love.
Bye.   Selamat Tinggal.   Au Revoir.   Auf Wiedersehen.  Ciao.   Seeyalataalligata.

And a brick wall appears.  Is this sabotage? self-doubt? fear?  Is it in relation to what’s been tearing you in two?  You don’t have to climb over it, or try climb over it, or try to pull it down brick by brick, or smash it down.  Just walk around it.   There is always another way.   Put those boots on and start walking!  #bootsaremadeforwalking #nancysinatra

In closing:

Yes spring is here but don’t push yourself to feel the love or beat yourself up if you are not blooming like a magnolia.  Mama Nature eases herself into a new season only when she is damn well ready.  If your in Melbourne In September she comes alive – she is in her glow zone with footy finals fever.  So you may just find Melbs will sweep you up into her arms and you may find yourself spring inspired without much ado.