Spirit Blessings ~ October

I feel the need to get quiet and deep with this healing – let the healing begin.

I lay my hands on your head and chant ‘eee’ to clear the mind of negative thoughts creating space for clarity and right decisions.  I hear  “I don’t know what I want”.
We revisit the ages 4, 15 + current age.  What was happening in life at these ages in relation to not knowing what you want?  Was it a time when you’re told what you wanted or were your needs disregarded?  I hold til I hear “I really do know what I want”….   and yes you do!

Look at your vision board or read your journal to reconnect with your soul goals for 2018
Note the times in your life when you have known what you have wanted and gone after it.

Alternate Nostril Breath with white light to clear brain noise and any negativity you’ve taken on from another.

Inhale left nostril into the right brain.  Exhale from the right brain out thru right nostril.
Inhale right nostril into the left brain.  Exhale from the left brain out thru left nostril.

I am told to go the second brain – the gut!  To improve brain health one must heal the gut.

Do you second guess yourself?  I sense a time when you told someone an idea or dream and their comments shut you down which felt like a punch in the guts.   I remove  the energetic effects of the punch, fear and external control whilst instilling self-confidence and self-belief in the form of a beautiful sunflower.

Let sunflowers be your visual reminder to reclaim your brilliance.

Large Intestine:
Are you hanging on?  I hear the words “I need to let go” over and over again.   Are you hiding your light? gifts? ideas? dreams?   Do you want to run away from your life?

I am taken to ancient times when women had no choice and men had no opportunity to rise up from beyond their station in life.  If this speaks to you then it’s time to do a detox.

Infuse slices of ginger into sunflower oil and simmer or add 3 drops of Ginger to the oil.  Massage your head + belly with warm oil to stimulate circulation and awareness.   

Autumn Leaves Alchemical Essence helped to release from your timeline with love.
I Reiki the brain + gut until I hear “I believe in myself”

In closing:

  • Which inner voice you are listening to?  Listen to the one that is inspiring + insightful
  • Which friends/family/social media leaders are you listening to?  
  • When you’re about to ask someone’s opinion – hit the pause button + trust yourself
  • You know the answers to your questions – you just may not want to know
  • Do a detox – try Caruso’s Detox Solutions available at your health food shop
  • Be a conscious scroller of social media
  • Have a head massage when next at your local shopping centre
  • Ease of gluten to give your gut + brain a break

And finally….

Trust in yourself – Take a few deep breaths and exhale the tension you’ve built up in your body about this.  Let the stress go as you come back to your centre.