Autumn Leaf Essence ~ Letting Go

Vibrational Essences inspired by Mother Earth infused with reiki, crystals, herbs, sound, nature, moonbeams, sunlight and Reiki.   Each blend is unique and is not repeated offering a progressive energetic healing that moves with you.
Autumn Leaves was birthed under a dark moon inviting you inward for release, rest and reflection.   As what’s no longer required falls away like leaves in the Autumn wind you’ll make peace with your darkness and the reasons why you have held on and in.  Let go and open to a new way of being to enhance your vibration so that your radiant light will shine for all to see.

This powerful essence works on an energetic level as you shed you will sense the inner release and you will experience expansion, anchoring, growth, presence and being more present.  And a new cycle will evolve within divine timing…

A detailed insight sheet is included with each essence..

Alchemy in a bottle $21.00 Click here to buy

Ways to Save:  Pick up at Feminine Spirit Yoga or at your Spirit Medicine Healing for $16.00
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