Sea Shell Essence ~ New Beginnings

Sea Shell Essence inspired by Mother Earth infused with reiki, crystals, herbs, sound, nature, moonbeams, sunlight and Reiki.   The blend is unique and is not repeated offering a progressive energetic healing that moves with you.

Sea Shell Essence was birthed under an Aquarian New Moon inviting freedom, wildness, creativity, ideas and new adventures.

This exciting blend travels back thru your timeline to your ancestors journey across Mother Ocean to Australia.   Were they grieving for their homeland? Fearful of the unknown?  Or were they ready for a new adventure?

How does their journey impact you today?

This Essence gathers the courage, determination, strength, resilience and confidence of your ancestors to support you in stepping into a new beginning.  You will awaken to your truth, power and source..

Sea Shell Essence may bring healing for past generations as well as for you for feminine health, back, throat issues, sabotage, self-depreciation and shame.

Soak up the gratitude and respect for your ancestors and feel their support in spirit behind you.  You are because of them.

Each blend has it’s own insight sheet with channeled messages about the magical journey of Sea Shell Essences.

Alchemy in a Bottle $21.00 includes postage + handling
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Ways to save:  Pick up at your next Feminine Spirit Yoga Class or 1:1 session $16 for enquiries and EFT details