Fig Leaf ~ Healing Shame

Fig Leaf Essence was birthed under an Old Moon inviting your shadow self to release shame that’s been passed down or learned.  Shame shuts us down, out + off from our power, truth, creativity, joy, love, light, self-expression, passion, laughter, dreams and soul goals. 

This abuse is felt as a soul loss and you are ready to heal this.  Your light is rising up to be seen and heard.  This essence works on the energetic level.

A light refreshing essence infused with Lemon Myrtle and crystals to re-align you to your birthright..  This essence required alot of energy medicine to release deeply entrenched blockages.  This is a powerful essence that will shift stagnation and restore your inner light.  This essence comes with a detailed insight sheet offering you a deeper understanding of the healing potential for body and soul.

Alchemy in a Bottle $21.00 includes postage + handling
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Ways to save:  Pick up at your next Feminine Spirit Yoga Class or 1:1 session $16 for enquiries and EFT details

Alchemy in a bottle