Rose Petal Essence ~ LOVE

Rose Petal Essence creates deep heart awakening as a powerful alchemy occurs as the old dross and dense energies are released lifting your heart to a higher frequency. 

This essence offers renewal of your innocence, trusting and loving heart.  This essence works on an energetic level ….

Rose Petals, Vanilla, Rose Quartz, Kunzite, Clear Quartz, Luna Rays, Reiki to heal from surface to core, deep healing of the voice which speaks for your heart and finally music which is your heart’s medicine.

Open your heart for true and deep healing so that your light may shine and create a sweeter song in your heart.

Alchemy in a Bottle $21.00 includes postage + handling
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Ways to save:  Pick up at your next Feminine Spirit Yoga Class or 1:1 session $16 for enquiries and EFT details
Alchemy in a bottle